Why to litter the place you are wandering than keep it neat#responsibletraveller

28th Jul 2019

I still remember in 2017 when we went for our first trip of the year to Andaman I felt like I was in a small paradise. In our second day in Andaman islands we were in Neil island to the the natural bridge. With our tour guide we were exploring the way to it but he saw a family having food there and eating from the plastic containers he asked them to not to litter and take those containers along with them. But while returning we saw the same containers lying there. Tell me one thing you are seeing a really clean mangroves and and Corel sea beach and then you litter it for what? Although we collected the plastic and went to parking and threw the containers in dustbin.

This time when I went for a long week trip to spiti our second day was in chitkul the place I have been 6 years ago and I  saw people littering Maggie packets there plastic bottles. Don't take those items near to the valley.

Few things I love to share that how I travel with not littering the places I travel.
1. When ever we go to Himalayan mountains we carry chocolates for energy as when we travel we don't where we'll eat. So the rappers are kept in a bag than throwing out in the roads.
2. Earlier we used to carry paper soap  but now we carry a sanitizer along with us than a paper soap
3. When we are on road trips we have carry water with us and some time we buy water bottles as well so I keep the bottles in the car until we reach back to Delhi or give to the hotels were we stay to give or use them.
4. While shopping take a jute bag with you during traveling. And even jute bags are used more often now days
5. I would say stop spitting around in roads even you are not traveling. That is one thing that people are disgusts off


Photo of Why to litter the place you are wandering than keep it neat#responsibletraveller by tulika dey