Let's travel to Hong Kong 


The skyline of Hong Kong features more skyscrapers than New York city……an interesting fact….let’s travel to Hong Kong and explore…..

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View of Victoria Harbour during the day from the Grand Harbour hotel

Travel & Stay

We flew Jetstar Asia from Singapore to Hong Kong, a 4h5m journey. Jetstar Asia is an Australian carrier, a low-cost airline with no meal service nor entertainment onboard. Our flight was at 3:40 pm from Singapore and we arrived at 7:45 pm at Hong Kong International Airport on Christmas Eve, 2017. The year 2017 also marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to Chinese sovereignty from the British rule.

“ Every airport is a destination in itself…” reads a display at the HK International Airport. The Automated People Mover (APM) was a surprise and curious encounter at the airport. It is a driverless train to ferry passengers across the terminals and there is a train every 2 minutes.

We booked our stay at the Grand Harbour, Kowloon and we will be spending three days in HK. The metro is the fastest and economical way to travel in HK but you need to purchase an Octopus card – a rechargeable smart card. For our short stay, the travel agent arranged pick up and drop. We enjoyed the sights, sounds and traffic jams as we crisscrossed the streets of Hong Kong.

Weather & Clothes

Hong Kong has a sub tropical climate, hot and humid in spring and summer with temperatures below 10ºC in winter. All the residential apartments are seen to have window air-conditioners. But it was 18ºC in December when we arrived. This can be pleasant or cold, depending on the climate one is used to. Cold for my cousins in US would mean sub-zero, but for me, HK was cold. I needed warm clothes and was bundled in sweaters when we stepped outside. Mornings are sunny, but gets chilly towards the evenings.


Our 3 days in Hong Kong was planned as below:

Day #1: Hong Kong Disneyland

Day #2: Ocean Park & Stanley Plaza

Day #3: Lantau Island & City Tour

What we missed were the markets of Mong Kok, harbour cruise on Victoria Harbour, Tism Sha Tsui Promenade, the parks and the museums……maybe next time……

The next posts will follow on the itinerary above……….

Happy travelling,