Kaas Plateau , Maharashtra

Photo of Kaas Plateau , Maharashtra 1/1 by Snehal

What worked : Monsoon is the best time to visit Maharashtra and enjoy its natural beauty. One such place is Kaas Plateau situated in Satara district of Maharashtra. A drive from Pune to Satara itself is an experience in rainy season and when you start driving towards small hillock to reach this place you can witness the beauty of Mother Nature. As you reaches close to this place you feel like beholding a beautiful painting made by an expert painter. Colorful flowers, butterflies and fresh air make the things picturesque and you cannot stop yourself from clicking lots of pictures.

What did not : Because of its wide bio diversity this place comes under UNESCO world natural heritage site so it a protected place and you may observe some restrictions. Do not expect restaurants or any other type of commercialization.

Make it happen : You can easily reach to this place from Pune by road in approximately 3 hours. Strictly follow the rules and regulations implemented here to save the biodiversity. Do book your tickets in advance.

For more information and booking tickets visit: https://www.kas.ind.in/