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I read once "What nicer thing can you do for somebody than make them breakfast?" and I completely agree. Whether your loved one is your mother, your partner, or yourself, wouldn't it be splendid to start the day with a zest of a foreign land and exotic aromas? Food & flavors from around the world have been one of the most enticing themes for mankind. I have not met anyone so far who does not enjoy a hearty meal.

So here are some elementary non-complicated breakfast options - a short excursion from the mundane without much effort. Pick and choose what would you like to prepare for the next special breakfast plan popping in your head.

Cachapas from Venezuela

Cachapas are sweet corn pancakes from Venezuela. Made with simple ingredients—cornflour or fresh corn, a bit of butter, cream, and salt—they are a nice alternative to pancakes. They provide even more comfort when stuffed with cream cheese !! One can experiment with a whole range of fillings - Jalapenos, Cilantro, Veggies, or Meat - as you like it. 

You can find the complete recipe here.

Chilaquiles from Mexico

Chee-lah-KEE-less! this is how you call it. This is the Mexican version of moms reusing last nights' leftovers, give it a colorful spicy twist, and Voila! Basically corn tortilla pieces are fried, cooked in spicy salsa, and generously sprinkled with cheese. They are often served for breakfast with eggs and a side of beans.

Learn how to do it step by step here.

Mandazi from Eastern Africa

Mandazi is like a sweet cousin of Samosa. No wonders, considering Samosa in itself is a popular snack in Africa. Mandazis are also triangle-shaped doughnuts with a hint of cardamom, prepared with egg, milk, yeast and flour. In Africa, people serve it with jams, honey, or even curry and they are an excellent company to your morning cup of coffee.

Watch this video to know more.

Shakshuka from Israel

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I make this a lot. It gets to your list of favorites too soon. Shakshuka literally means “a mixture” and the traditional version uses tomatoes, onions and spices as the base with eggs poached on top. With pepper, garlic, cumin & simplicity included- the desi fanbase for shakshuka is huge. Serve it with bread or just relish it straight from the pan.

Find detailed recipe here.

Tiganopsomo from Greece

If you love parathas for your filling Sunday brunch, most likely you would like this Greek cheesy version too. Wheat flour rolled with olive oil and salt, stuffed with Feta cheese & spinach enhanced with flavors of oregano, rosemary, parsley or mint - Tiganopsomo is the breakfast crunch you can get used to. Especially when served with Yoghurt topped with fresh fruits and honey. I would happily go back to sleep after this one.

To make a perfect Tiganopsomo, check out this link.

Churros from Spain

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It is almost unbelievable that something as basic as flour, sugar, butter, cinnamon can be turned into something that makes you go weak at the knees each time you take a bite. And even more, when dipped into chocolate sauce. You can truely win hearts and make someone's day with this one.

Learn how to make perfect Churros here.

Kosai from Nigeria

Also known as Akara, this Nigerian fritter is made out of black-eyed peas (more popular as Lobia), peppers, onions & salt and often served with Pap - fermented corn pudding, oatmeal or custard. Feel free to enjoy it with a spicy dip.

Get the complete recipe here.

Hagelslag on Bread from Netherlands

It cannot get easier than this. Coming from the sixth happiest country in the world Netherlands - this toast has a layer of butter topped with chocolate sprinkles on it. Happiness is indeed a way of life! The sprinkles are called hagleslag and peanut butter is preferred to help stick the sprinkles.

Well, if you still need a recipe for this, here you go!

Do give a try to one or more of these options and make the most of lockdown time. I would love to hear about more amazing options from far-flung places. You can connect with me and share your experiences and options at Tripoto or Instagram @woolgathering_wonders.

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