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10th Jun 2018
Day 1
awesome companions,amazing weather &soothing music....the perfect weekend plan!!#kaas #valleyofflowers #maharashtra
the feel of driving on such roads which is covered all around with heavy fog!!if u are done with the hustle bustle of the city and plan to to give urself "some peaceful time, this is the place for you" !!
welcoming the monsoons...this lake near satara known as kaas is an absolute treat to watch.. the strong cool breeze and the misty clouds gives you a heavenly feeling!! also known as valley of flowers, kaas is an beautiful monsoon destination in the state of maharashtra!!

we stopped here to  have an aerial glimpse of the lake and what beautiful seen it was!! can't be expressed in words. #embracethebeauty #kaas #satara #maharashtra

Photo of Kaas Plateau of Flowers, Maharashtra by Ajay Shukla