Exploring Fort Betul and much more.

Photo of Exploring Fort Betul and much more. by Joyla Fernandes

Goa is blessed with abundance of beaches. You may be one who loves soaking in the sand and sun or may be a person to just run away from getting your feet dirty. You may be a beach person or not. Here is one gorgeous village more famously known for its beach you would definitely love and enjoy. That’s Betul. Why? Because, apart from the sea, there is some historic places to explore, some great views from up the mountain and much more to see around.

Betul is village in the southern district of Quepem in Goa. It is located 19 Kms from Margao and 50 Kms from the state capital, Panjim. The best way to get here is by either hiring a cab from Margao or taking a local bus from there. The most convenient way would be if you could hire up a bike or have your own private transport.

Once you get here you can’t stop noticing the old world charm unfolding right before your eyes. Betul wakes up like a village right from your dreams. The houses all lined up neat and nice, the coconut trees swaying with the sea breeze, locals moving out and chit chatting in a friendly manner.

Betul is a coastal village and it serves you that feeling right on a plate. The weather is pleasant and pleasing all round.One of the must visit places in Betul is the Betul beach. Good thing is you get a fort right on the beach waiting for you to see.

The beach here is beautiful beyond description. Upright clear blue water, white sand and rocks covered with white corals turning them white. This paints a gorgeous fairytale picture. Well the place isn’t crowded as such but you would find many fishing enthusiasts trying their luck here.

The fort of Betul stands right on a tiny hillock facing the beach, an apt position to build one seeing that a full view of the sea is available from this point. The fort stands overlooking the Mobor beach and stands at the meeting point of river Sal and the mighty Arabian sea.

Betul fort was built in the 17th century on the orders on Chatrapati Shivaji and may perhaps be the last fort he ordered to be built before his death. The strategic position of the fort at the meeting point of the Arabian sea and the Sal river gave a upper hand to them. The area was later conquered and annexed by the Portugese.

The fort now lies in total ruins with only a 4 meter demarcated area with some seats around which still remain. The key highlight here is the single canon which bravely stands alone facing the sea. Well, that's pretty much what remains with most of the fort being lost under thick vegetation.

A old custom house also stands in the premises which was built by the Portuguese when the area later fell into their hands. Sincere efforts are needed in restoring and conserving a place of such importance.

Its quiet easy you can spend an entire day perhaps just watching the panoramic beauty of the place. Once done head ahead a little further and up to the light house a few miles away. Based on a hill this one needs some energy and stamina to climb up, there stands alone this lighthouse staring at the sea. Perhaps the light house is usually locked but the hill gives a gorgeous view of the entire place and is one of the must go to sites. One can spend a relaxing evening here watching the sea from far, lying down in the dried hay chit-chatting the evening away.

Well Betul has quite a lot in store to fill up your entire day. Going around the beach, fishing, exploring the ruined fort, walking up to the lighthouse and much more can be done here. An outing, a picnic or just a stroll for some fresh air, Betul is sure shot to entice you, wanting you to come back again.

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The view from the fort

Photo of Betul Beach by Joyla Fernandes

The only canine left

Photo of Betul Beach by Joyla Fernandes

The lighthouse.

Photo of Betul Beach by Joyla Fernandes

A temple on the beach

Photo of Betul Beach by Joyla Fernandes

The point where the 2 rivers meet

Photo of Betul Beach by Joyla Fernandes
Photo of Betul Beach by Joyla Fernandes

The gorgeous shore

Photo of Betul Beach by Joyla Fernandes