Top 5 Instagram-Worthy Spots Of South Goa! #MeraShandarBharat


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Photo of Top 5 Instagram-Worthy Spots Of South Goa! #MeraShandarBharat by Prathamesh Avachare

Instagram has certainly become an essential part of our lives. Since we are constantly in pursuit of creating quality content for the gram, I would like to share the top 5 Instagram-worthy spots of South Goa with you!

Cola beach is my personal favorite beach in Goa and I’m sure you will be smitten by its awesomeness!

Photo by Viraj Rajankar on Unsplash

Photo of Cola Beach, Cola, Goa, India by Prathamesh Avachare

Though it takes a bit of off-roading to reach there but trust me, the pleasing view it offers is worth it. You can either enjoy the aerial view of the beach from the top of a cliff or strike a perfect pose by the lagoon, adjoining the beach. What’s surprising is that Cola beach is not-so-known to the tourists and possess extremely clean blue water so it’s a win-win situation!

Betul lighthouse is an exceedingly pretty location, which has all the makings of a perfect Instagram-worthy spot.

 Photo Credit: @wanderingminds_india On Instagram

Photo of Betul Lighthouse, Betul Bridge, Quitol, Goa, India by Prathamesh Avachare

Since it is situated on a cliff, you can snap some really awesome pictures with the lighthouse in the backdrop. Also, the tall grass grown there adds a whole new dimension to this picturesque location! You can also witness a soothing sunset from the top of the lighthouse and click some cool silhouette photographs at the golden hour.

Goa is not just about beaches, parties and churches; It also houses many well-crafted ancient temples and one such lovely temple is the Shri Lakshminarasimha temple in Mardol.

Photo Credit: @kshitijdessaigoa On Instagram

Photo of Shri Lakshminarasimha Mandir, Mardol, Goa, India by Prathamesh Avachare

This temple is extremely peaceful and you can take your time without any crowd interference here – so no worries about awkward moments while clicking your Instagram clicks! The temple stands tall beside a huge pond, surrounded by stairs, and has all the elements which you can creatively use to create your content.


This heart-shaped lake, situated in Chicolna near Bogolma beach is a must-visit spot if you are in Goa around monsoons since this lake only appears when it is full of water.

Photo Credit: @ashwin.explorer On Instagram

Photo of Heart Lake, Chicolna, Goa, India by Prathamesh Avachare

The turquoise blue water body is surrounded by beautiful coconut trees and is bound to sway your heart in joy! I would recommend you to go early in the morning there to get the peacock sightings.

This wonderful church is located in the Cansaulim village of Goa.

Photo Credit: @travel_titli On Instagram

Photo of Three Kings Chapel, Cansaulim, Goa, India by Prathamesh Avachare

I would like to oppose everyone who has tagged the Three Kings Chapel as a haunted place because though it is a bit isolated, there’s nothing ghostly about it. This bright white church is located in a really scenic setting with panoramic views all over – just what your Instagram demands! Isn’t it?

So which one of the top 5 Instagram-worthy spots of South Goa will you head first on your next Goa Trip? Tell me in the comments right away!