6 Places in the World You Should Visit Even if You're Scared

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And the world isn't only the loveliness of Florence or the flair of France, the beaches of Hawaii or the charm of Vegas; the world is also the culture of Iran, the jungles of Africa, the food of Lebanon and the splendor of Israel.

Every time someone tells you that they want to travel the world, they don’t usually mean that they’d also go to Syria or Colombo or Ukraine. For most of us, traveling the world merely includes the fun part, traversing places that are popular and secure, welcoming and pretty and those that are adequately distanced from the chaos of a conflict, the unease of conservatism and the discomfort of existence. But, then, isn't it imperative to keep our apprehensions at bay and move out of our comfort zones to tour some of the most impeccable things that the world has to offer? If you’re still wondering about the locations you should include in your travel wish-list by staving off all your trepidation, read on!

  1. Egypt: The unrest and turmoil in the country might have resulted in a deep fall in the number of tourists that go there each year but in essence, there is no place like this, no country that holds on to the ancient times so immaculately. Take a tour to the realm for the Pyramids of Giza, the Luxor Museum, the Egyptian Museum and the Nile River valley. You can opt for guided tours to ward off your worries and do a good bit of research to take pleasure in the culture of the nation.

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  2. Israel: I have always been enchanted by the beauty of Israel from the pictures and videos sprawled over the internet. It is the only Jewish and democratic country in the world comprising locations sacred to Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Its mesmerizing gorgeousness comes from the beaches of Tel-Aviv, the Negev Desert, the gastronomic, cultural and nightlife options, it’s amazing archaeological sites, the Dead Sea and the overall religious experience that the country brings forth.

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  3. Russia and Ukraine: I could have mentioned these two countries separately and yet I chose to name them together because they’re involved in a conflict that has affected tourism in both the nations equally. However, does that mean that nobody is ever going to make the little effort to see the Church of the Savior and Blood and take a midnight walk along the River Neva at St. Petersburg or wonder at the magnificence of the Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow? Also, what about hiking the Carpathian Mountains or skiing at Drahobrat in Ukraine? The best way is to study the regions, get an idea of their culture and lifestyle and particularly hire a guide because few people here speak English.

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  4. South Africa: I know many people take a trip to this country more often than the other places mentioned and yet, I also realize how frightened most of us are while adding South Africa to our travel lists. I think a large part of this comes from the recent spreading of the Ebola virus and the fact that it’s one of the third-world nations for nearly all developed countries. Still, do you know how much of life you’re missing out on by focusing on everything other that this? SA is on its way to becoming the adventure capital of the world. Be a part of amazing safaris, shop and eat in Cape Town, take a river cruise, do some kayaking with crocodiles, dive with white sharks or ride an ostrich: All in one amazing country.

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  5. Mexico: Okay, so the swine flu started here and that doesn’t make Mexico a country to stay away from. And then, people also talk about safety issues, crimes, larceny and drug-trafficking (as if every other country in the world is free from sin). Don’t forget that this marvelous country has some of the best beaches in the world on the Caribbean coast, the Mayan (archaeological) ruins and various delicious foods to savor. Also, it is home to about 30 world heritage sites, offers astonishing adventure activities and an incredible colonial culture to witness. Be safe, read a lot, do your homework and explore the magnificence of Mexico.

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  6. Iran: I have told people a number of times that I really want to go to Iran someday and they look at me with awe telling me that the world has so many better places to travel to. Why Iran? I guess because the country boasts of exquisite palaces, giant mosques, fantastic bazaars, an extraordinary cuisine, an unusual history and a revolutionary modernity in the midst of age-old customs and traditions. Iranians are known to be very gracious and welcoming and the myriad travel locations in the country assure everyone a wonderful and unforgettable time. Pack your bags. Iran is in the new hot-list for travel.

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