Girls Tripping

4th Apr 2020
Day 2

*RT & Chelsea Departure to Lima


POS - PTY on COPA 315 ( Layover 3h 19m)

6:04 am-8:19 am

PTY - LIM on COPA 131

11:38 am- 3:10 pm

HOTEL: Mariel Hotel Boutique

Day 3

*RT & Chelsea Departure to Cusco on Mon 6

* Call uber for transfer to airport.



6:30 am - 7:53 am

HOTEL: Amaru Inca Hostal

* 2 nights - 2 ppl- Mon 6 - Wed 8

* Address: Cuesta de San Blas 541, Cusco 08003, Peru

* Contact: +51 84 225933

* Airport transfer cost US $8

* Breakfast 5:30-9:30am

Day 2

* 2 nights- 2 ppl- Sat 4 - Mon 6

* Address: General Belisario Suarez 240, Miraflores, Lima, LIMA

* Contact: +51 981 036 994

* Airport transfer cost $25 ( not taking transfer will call Uber)

* Breakfast

TOUR: Larco Museum with Dinner

Start: 6:30pm

End: 9:30pm

Duration: 3 hrs

Hotel Pickup & Dropoff: YES

Meals included: Dinner

Day 3

*Meet Inkayni Peru tour guide for 4 Day Inca Trail briefing @ 6pm

*Address: Triunfo Street 392, Office 214, Centro Artesanal Arte Inka., Cusco, Peru

*Contact: +51 84 597097

* Hours: 9-1pm & 4-8pm

Day 2

* To visit Indian Market -walking distance, buy poncho.

TOUR: Callao & Barranco Tour

Start: 1/2pm

End: 6 pm

Duration: 3/4 hrs

Hotel Pickup & Dropoff: YES

Meals included: NO


Day 4

Tuesday 7 April

TOUR: Cusco Walking Tour, Ceviche Master Class, Lunch

Start: 9am

End: 2pm

Duration: 5 hrs

Hotel Pickup & Dropoff: YES

Meals included: Lunch

* Buy snacks, protein bars etc

* Buy dinner/ breakfast

Day 5

Wednesday 8 April

* Check-out Hotel, Store luggage

TOUR : 4 Day Inca Trail DAY 1

Hotel Pickup: YES

Meals included: Lunch & Dinner


After breakfast in Cusco, we will board our bus for the 1.5 hour trip into the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Upon reaching the end of the road, , known as kilometer 82, we will briefly introduce you to our crew and upon crossing the bridge at the Urubamba River, here begins our 4-day adventure. This first day is relatively easy going and smooth as we move along visiting ruins such as the city of Patallacta. This ruin, constructed at the foot of a mountain, was a very important center that had administrative, economic, and religious functions. We will also visit Willkarakay, a military post located above the site of Patallacta. After visiting these two sites we will enter the lush valley of Wayllabamba, walking along the banks of the Cusichaca (“happy bridge”) River, also observing the Inca terraces that belong to the previous archaeological sites. Continuing our gradual walk upward through the dense Andean forest, we arrive at our first campsite in Wayllabamba.

route day 1

Photo of Girls Tripping by Nelitza
Day 6

Thursday 9 April

TOUR : 4 Day Inca Trail DAY 2

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


We will begin our day very early to reach the end of the day the highest point on the Inca trail, the mountain pass of Warmihuañusca (dead woman’s pass).

The trek in the morning is rather physically intense for those who are not accustomed to the high altitude, yet it is also one of the most spectacular. In the first part of the trail, we will walk approximately 1 hour and a half through the cover of a densely vegetated Andean forest until arriving at the campsite of Three Stones, where we will take a short rest.

Continuing on our ascent, the habitat will begin to change as we enter the inter-andean forest full of Unca trees, unique to this area. Two hours later we will arrive at another campsite, Llulluchapampa, where we will take an extended rest with snacks and hot drinks. From here begins the final ascent to the pass of Warmihuañusca, the highest point of the trek – a fantastic opportunity for panoramic views of the surrounding valleys below. Later we will descend a few hours to our final campsite in Pacaymayu for the night.

route day 2

Photo of Girls Tripping by Nelitza
Day 7

Friday 10 April

TOUR : 4 Day Inca Trail DAY 3

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


We will begin ascending about 45 minutes to the arhcaelogical site of Runkurakay, which was in ancient times a “tambo”, or type of resting lodge for ancient pilgrims. Another 45 minute ascent will take us to the second highest pass of the Inca trail, Runkurakay (4000 m, 13,123 ft), after which we will descend to the beautiful archaeological site of Sayacmarca, constructed in a strategic location. After a thorough visit we will continue down the beautifully paved road to our lunch site at Chaquicocha.

From here onward to Phuyupatamarca we will enter the high Andean cloud forest, a maravillous display of Nature’s beauty. Here the trail continues a narrow ridge until arriving to the pass of Phuyupatamarka, a natural viewing area where it is possible to see the Sacred Valley and numerous mountain peaks, as well as our final destination of Machu Picchu. From here we will descend to our last campsite, passing a very important archaeological site and temple designated for offerings to the sacred mountain spirits of the area, as well as a large terraced area for agriculture. Slightly beyond is our campsite for the night, Wiñayhuayna.

route day 3

Photo of Girls Tripping by Nelitza
Day 8

TOUR : 4 Day Inca Trail DAY 4

Meals included: Breakfast

Hotel Dropoff: YES


We will rise very early to complete the final stretch of the Inca Trail, which brings us to “Inti Punku” or the Sun Gate, the principal entrance of the crystal city of Machu Picchu. The trail here is fairly easy going and after about an hour we will arrive to Inti Punku, an awesome location to observe the citadel of Machu Picchu and, weather permitting, sunrise over the Andes.

Afterward, a 45-minute descent will take us into the higher area of Machu Picchu, a natural lookout point for the “famous” classic picture and an opportunity for a group picture. Here we will enter as a group to the main entrance for registration before returning to the site for the main tour to learn more about this magical place of beauty and culture left by our ancestors. The tour will last approximately 2 to 3 hours. The climb to Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu mountain is optional (at an extra cost and must be booked in advance). In the afternoon we will descend by bus to the town of Aguas Calientes.

You will meet your guide in Aguas Calientes for lunch and receive your train tickets for the return journey to Cusco. The train will arrive at Ollantaytambo where our Staff will pick you up to complete the rest of your ride by bus back to your hotel in Cusco.

TIPS: US 40/50 for porters collectively

route day 4

Photo of Machu Picchu, Peru by Nelitza
Day 9

*Reshma Departure to Lima on Sun 12


POS - PTY on COPA 315 ( Layover 3h 19m)

6:04 am-8:19 am

PTY - LIM on COPA 761

9:04 am- 12:36 pm ( 5hr layover)

*Reshma Departure to Cusco on Sun 12



5:42 pm- 7:15 pm

* Hotel Checkout : before 10 am

* Store Luggage

HOTEL: Amaru Inca Hostal

* 5 nights - 4 ppl- Sun 12- Fri 17

* Address: Cuesta de San Blas 541, Cusco 08003, Peru

* Contact: +51 84 225933

* Airport transfer cost US $8 x2 way

* Check-in: 10:30 am - midnight

*Breakfast: 5:30-9:30am


RT & Chelsea Schedule:

* Hotel check-out: before 10am

Day 8

HOTEL: Amaru Inca Hostal

* 1 night- 2 ppl- Sat 11 - Sun 12

* Address: Cuesta de San Blas 541, Cusco 08003, Peru

* Contact: +51 84 225933

*Breakfast: 5:30-9:30am

* Check-in: 10:30 am - midnight

Day 9
Day 10

TOUR For Reshma : Small Group Day Tour to Machu Pichhu ( Inkayni)

Start: 4:30/5am


Duration: 16 hrs

HOTEL Pickup & Dropoff: YES

Trains & Buses transport: YES

Tour Guide: YES

Meals included: NO

Admissions: YES


Original Passport

Waterproof jacket / rain poncho

Warm jacket


Comfortable Trousers

Sun hat

Sun cream (factor 35 or higher)

Insect repellant

Personal medication

Camera and film

Water, food

* Chelsea & RT unscheduled with options such as:

Day 9

*Fun Fact- According to an investigation, Ollantaytambo is geographically aligned with other important archaeological sites of the world such as Machu Picchu, Easter Island (Chile), the Pyramids of Giza (Egypt) and others.

TOUR: Sacred Valley, Pisac, Ollantaytambo

Start: 8am

End: 5pm

Duration: 8hrs

HOTEL Pickup & Dropoff: YES

Meals included: Lunch

Admissions: partial

* To go for dinner

* To go for dinner: Marcelo Batata

* Address: Calle Palacio 121, Cusco 08002, Peru

*Contact: +51 84 222424

* Make reservations: YES

* Hours: 12:30-11pm

--> OR

Day 10

* Can be done on our own

* Ticket

* Address: Atoqsayk'uchi, Cusco 08003, Peru

*Contact: +51 84 248333

* Make reservations: to get one of limited seats?

* Hours: 8:15 am- 7pm

Day 9

* To go for dinner: Cicciolina

* Address: Second floor, Triunfo 393, Cusco 08002, Peru

*Contact: +51 84 239510

* Make reservations: YES

* Hours: 8-11am, 12-3pm, 6-10pm

Day 2

Saturday 4 April

Sunday 5 April

Day 3

Monday 6 April

Day 8

Sat 11 April

Day 9

Sunday 12 April

Day 10

Monday 13 April

Day 11

Tuesday 14 April

TOUR: Humantay Lake Trek

Start: 3:30 am

End: 3:30 pm

Duration: 12 hrs ( hike 2 hrs each way)

HOTEL Pickup & Dropoff: YES ( No BnBs)

Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch ( bring extra snacks, water)

Admissions: YES

* Dress: warm jacket, fleece lined pants

* Polar Blanket, Walking Stick, Oxygen

* Can jump in if you want to

* 3:30am-3:30pm ( 12hrs)



* Take taxi/ uber to Cruz del Sur bus Station to Puno

* Take bus at 10pm- 7 hr bus ride to Puno US 40 Roundtrip

Day 10

THE HOLY MONDAY- PROCESSION OF THE LORD OF THE EARTHQUAKES ( 2pm-7pm)Masses will be held in the cathedral on the Main Square at 8am, 9am, 10am and 11am on Holy Monday. Get a balcony view or main square.

Day 12

Arrive in Puno at 4:30 am

* Take taxi to tour?????

TOUR: Lake Titicaca ( Day Trip) Uros & Taquile

Start: 6:30am

End: 6:30pm

Duration: 11 hrs

Tour Guide: YES

Meals included: LUNCH

Admissions: YES

HOTEL Pickup & Drop Off: YES ( Puno Hotel near bus station)

* 10 pm overnight bus Cruz del Sur to Cusco ( 7 hr ride) US 40 Roundtrip

Day 13

Thursday 16 April

Arrive in Cusco 4:30am

Take taxi to hotel - Rest

Day 14

Friday 17 April

RT, Resh, Chelsea Departure to Lima

* Transfer to Cusco airport US 8



6:50 am - 8:22 am

* Call Uber to go to Apartment in Barranco


- The apartment keys will be inside a Master Lock that will be hanging on the apartment's front door handle.

-To open the lock, you must use the following combination 2811. You will find the keys inside.

-Don't worry about your access to the building as we will leave your name and expected time of arrival with the doorman.

-Regarding the check-out process, you just need to leave the keys inside the apartment.

* Call Uber at 12:45 to get to Central Restaurant for reservations at 1:30 pm

* 3/4 hr long meal

* Walk 5 mins to Mirador Bresciani for awesome pics at lookout. CLOSES: 5:30pm

* Walk 7 mins to Bridge of Sighs for pics . OPEN 24 hrs

* Walk 3 mins to Barranco Beer Company- 1 beer. CLOSES : 3 am

* Walk 2 mins to La Noche de Barranco Bar- 1 drink . HRS: 7:30pm- 3 am

* Walk 6 mins to Ayahuasca - 1 drink & dinner ( anticuchos). HRS 6- 3am

* Walk 6 min to La Candelaria Peña for a cultural show. HRS: 9 am- 6 pm, 9pm - 3 am

* Call Uber to go to Apartment

Day 15

Saturday 18 April

* Call Uber, head to Manolo's for breakfast @ 9am

* Walk 10 mins to Inka Market (shop)

* Walk 1 min to Miraflores Indian Market (shop)

* Call Uber to go to Apartment

* Rest/ Shower/ Dress/ Pack

* Call Uber head to Lima Center @ Soperos Unidos on Jirón Cailloma

TOUR: Lima Historic Centre & Street Food Night Tour

Start: 5pm @ Soperos Unidos on Jiron Cailloma

End: 9 pm @ Bascillica & Convent of Santo Domingo on Jiron Camana

Duration: 4 hrs

Hotel Pickup & Dropoff: NO ( walking tour)

Meals included: 15 food tastings & alcoholic beverages ( option to purchase more food)

* Call Uber to go to Apartment

* Pack/ Relax/ Pool/ Sleep

Day 16

Sunday 19 April

* Wake at

* Dress/ finish packing/put keys in apartment

* Call Uber at


LIM - PTY on COPA 436 ( Layover 1 hr 58 m)

6:43 am-10:28 am

PTY - POS on COPA 366

12:26 am- 4:30 pm

Day 12

Wednesday 15 April