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Bala Quila Road

Deepak Kapoor
As we reached the base of Bala Qila hill we buy the entry passes for rupees 10 per person + 20 per bike. Just start riding bike to upwards and reached the Bala Qila in 15 min. While going up we saw so many new birds never seen before because the Sariska Bird Sanctuary is near by.
Somdutta Sarkar
There were hardly any tourists except 5 or 6 and the Security Guards. The Bala Quila or Alwar Fort is not completely accessible as it is restricted by Military. What I loved about the Fort is the originality with its original charm and the absolute silence. Only the chirping of the birds and the swaying of the leaves in the breeze could be heard. The view of Alwar is seen for the viewpoint of the Fort - it's absolutely mesmerizing!
Ankita Misra
This is one hidden treasure in the city which seems a bit secluded from the rest. Bala quila is situated on the top of a hill. The road gets lonely after certain distance but if you going in a huge group...this place is a must visit! Its mainly the view from that fort that mesmerises you... with lush green surroundings and peacocks almost everywhere.