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Beera Chicken

Another 10 minute walk takes you to Beera Chicken House, a pocket-friendly paradise for chicken lovers. Their signature dish is the roasted chicken and I dare to say, it is the best damn roasted chicken I have ever tasted. Their fried fish is way better than the Amritsari fish tikka (in case you were wondering). The menu is quite limited but you can stick with the chicken tikka gravy and butter naan.
harveen bedi
Head here for the ultimate grilled chicken . No need to order and daal or rotis , just have the pure proteins of the grilled chicken. Am sure you will order another chicken just to taste the awesome masallas it has been grilled in
Trisha Mahajan
5. Tandoori and Butter Chicken Beera Chicken (Majitha road) and Chawla Chicken (Lawrence road) are the most famous non-veg serving shops in Amritsar and that’s for a reason.