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Partition Museum

Mister Tikku
Mohit Behl
Get a peek into the largest migration in human history at the Partition MuseumThe Partition Museum in Amritsar is a landmark, and not just an architectural one. What lies inside isn't allowed to be photographed, for good reasons. For it is not just another walk down the memory lane but a slow crawl through the tragic events leading up to, during and following, probably the most talked about chapter in the book of Indian history, Partition. Because what lies inside aren't exactly memoirs but remnants: Newspaper Cuttings, Photographs, Audio-visual Recordings and Testimonies from the survivors. Remnants of a haunting past we're still trying to climb out of.
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Vist the Partition Museum
Shashank Sinha
Taking pictures is obviously permitted if you're inside the partition museum. Hence, here is one from outside it. I must say if you want to research or understand the struggles of partition during 1947-1955 or even later years, I recommend you to definitely visit this place.The atrocities Indians and Pakistanis faced alike is vividly mentioned in pictures/captions here.
A stright walk from Jallianwala Bagh lies the Town Hall which has been converted into a well maintained and curated museum on the partition and its distress...