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Chidhvila Reddy
Bhargav KVRK
This is the gateway for a holy relaxation for you. Alampur which is around 37 kms from Kurnool, is the abode of the holy Jogulamba temple, one of the 18 shakti peethas in India.
Karim S A
The history of Alampur dates back to 7th Century. And for you, people from Hyderabad, you can go back into the 7th Century and come back into 2017 in just 12 hours flat. How? If this is your question, then you are true lover of history. The answer is, Tungabhadra Express takes you to Alampur and back in 12 hours flat.Alampur is on the left bank of River Tungabhadra. This place is the meeting point of two rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra and is called the Dakshina Kashi. Interestingly, with the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, this point may well be also called the meeting point of two states too, since on the left side of river Tungabhadra is Telangana and on the right side, Andhra Pradesh starts. It is also the meeting point of two different time zones on the time machine. History and the present times.Alampur was under the rule of Shatavahanas, Ishvakus of Nagarjunakonda, Badami Chalukyas, Rastrakutas, Kalyani Chalukyas, Vijayanagara Empire, Kakatiyas, and the rulers of Qutub Shahis of Golconda.As soon as we enter Alampur first let's visit the Sangameshwara Temple. Temples built by the Kings of the bygone era were always magnanimous and architecturally very elaborate, intrinsic and beautiful. Stories were sculpted into temples. Each Era had it's own style of architecture.There are nine temples dedicated to Lord shiva and they are called the Navabrahma Temples which were built by the Badami Chalykyas during the 7th Century. (Now, as promised didn't I take you into the 7th Century?. I kept my word!).Tungabhadra Express starts back it's return journey from Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh) at 15.00 Hrs and reaches Sbb Jogulamba H Railway Station (SBBJ) at 15.11 Hrs. Get into the train, sit by the window and see the landscape of the setting Sun, and reach Secunderabad by 08.00 PM.Cover Picture credits:,_Mahbubnagar_districtand