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Sonya V. Anchan
Ghanpur Group of temples is another marvelous work of the Kakatiyan Era. It was built during the reign of King Ganapatideva of Kakatiya Dynasty. The main Shiva temple is surrounded by 19 smaller temples each with Garbhagriha & an Antarala. The craftsmanship of the ancient sculptors on the walls of these temples is exemplary. A lone priest was there, who performs the puja in the central main temple. On watching me climbing the steps, he opened the locked door of the temple, showed the Garbhagriha area, performed a small puja for me (I didn’t expect that, not a puja fan though). There was a big shivling in the Garbhagriha. Over the years, the pillars, walls have fallen over. I went around looking at the fallen pillars, scattered stones, broken temples which were lying in ruins. It was worth a visit to see such a long lost architecture, unfortunately in dilapidated state now.