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And now that you have done your pet pooja head towards Govindraopet which is another 80 KMs. From here, meander through the forest for another 6 KMs and you will reach the Lake. A nominal entry fee of INR 10/- for Adults and INR 5/- for children is charged to enter the Lake. Boat Ride costs INR 50/- per Adult and INR 30/- for a Child and if you wish to experience the lake in a Speed Boat, be prepared to shell out INR 300/- . The timings are 08.00 AM to 05.30 PM.
Laknavaram lake - Approximately 50 km away from Warangal, Laknavaram lake is located. Built by the Kakatiya rulers, this massive lake is of a bowl like structure having 13 small islands which are scattered amidst the jungle. This makes it a serene and perfect bird watching spot. Also, has a one of a kind suspension bridge connecting three islands managed and maintained by Telangana tourism department. Few quick Tips: 1. Plan your trip during winters (October to January) as in summer it's too hot and you will not enjoy your trip to the fullest. 2. Carry sufficient cash as ATMs are rare in the villages around Warangal. 3. If you are going by train or bus please book your cabs for city travel and sightseeing in advance for a hassle free trip. Story by -Shikha Sharma@ yatripandit PS: This blog is still very young and growing. If you like the story, do not shy away from reciprocating your love in form of likes comments and sharing on social media This post was originally published on Yatri Pandit.