Jageshwar Mohan
Now its time to go for gandikotta, there is no straight transport for gandikota in same hotle nearby you can get auto to KOLIMIGUNDLA the cost is 20rs per head, Once you reached Kolimigundla bus stop there you can get bus for JAMMALAMADUGU. In Jammalamadugu bus and auto is available to Gandikota and we prefer auto is best choise because there is only timing bus you have to get.Here the tips for clearence to Reach Chennai to Gandikota Trip planChennai to Tadipatri - 130rs in trainTadipatri station to Tadipatri bus stop - 20rs in autoTadipatri to Belum caves - 20rs in BusBelum caves entrence fees - 65rs for adult and 45rs for kidsBelum caves to Kolimigundla - 20rs for autoKolimigundla to Jammalamadugu - 10rs for autoJammalamadugu to Gandikota - auto price negotiate (we did 150rs for 3persons and its worth)Gandikota tips for trekking and camping
Offbeat Voyagers
After we finished exploring the caves we headed to the main road to catch a bus but none arrived for half an hour. Luckily an auto that was passing by stopped so we got in and were dropped off at Kolimungudla for Rs. 5. We headed to the bus stand to catch the next bus to Jammalamadagu. While waiting, we stumbled upon the local juice stalls that you'll find in a lot of places which serve great fruit juices and milkshakes for Rs. 10. The last bus to Jammalamadagu arrived at 6:20 PM and took an hour and half to get there(Rs. 30).