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Anmol Malhotra
We began to the goal at a young hour in the morning at 2am. It was fun as it was drizzling and the atmosphere was extremely cool. We should achieve the peak when the dimness blurs away. The voyage should be of around 2 and a half hours however we drove gradually because of the downpour. We took the course from Patancheru by means of Shankarpally, Nawabpet, Kothagadi (approx 70kms). That course was from the little towns and there were no streetlights which made the situation darker. The main light we could see is the car headlamp. The street was recently laid and was smooth however just an car could fit in that.As soon as we entered Vikarabad by 6am the downpour has halted totally, and we had tea and proceeded to the sloping top. We went to the sanctuary on the ridge to start with, which was loaded with monkeys. The lawn of the sanctuary is especially alluring because of its woodland on every one of the sides. Next, we proceeded to the opposite side of the slope, and at that point, the murkiness was gone and no one but we could see was mist everywhere. The peacocks were meandering on the ridge. A perspective not to be overlooked.