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Sreya Mantena
Mahanandi :Our next destination was Mahanandi !We stopped at Kurnool for lunch, on the way to Mahanandi.Mahanandi is almost to the very corner. It is located in Nandiyal.Best attractions are the temple architecture, the carvings on the pillars and the roof of the temple, and the 3 pools at the temple- 2 at the entrance and one inside the temple. The pools outside are full with kids playing, swimming and enjoying themselves.The pool inside the temple was closed at that time, but the water in the pool is so clear, that you can see every tiny thing on the ground under water.The carvings on the temple pillars and on the roof are a must see. Do not miss them. One disadvantage is that Cameras or phones are not allowed inside this temple, where there are a lot of things to be clicked. Nandi inside the main temple looks so realistic. Hats off to the architect !There are a few shops and food stalls outside the temple. Another attraction is the bigg Nandi at a small distance from the temple.
Chiraag Kashyap
Lovely architecture and stone carvings