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We started the next day from Tiblisi and visited Uplistsikhe (Monolithe structures). There are two options that generally people consider. One being Vardzia and the other is uplistsikhe. Apparently Vardzia is bigger and mightier than Uplistsikhe. But it was quite a detour so we settled for uplistsikhe. It was definitely not disappointing. We then saw where the big guy Stalin stayed and sneaked into his personal wagon only for the smartypants wagon keeper to shooo us off. We got a pretty decent look around though. What do you say, the guy had a wagon and everything. Long drive there after took us to Arabian Nights part two, BATUMI. I was awed by the breathtaking beauty of these places. Not joking, it was like Alif- Laila.
Kutaisi: Its is the second largest city of Georgia and was once the capital of Georgia, to reach Kutaisi the cheapest way is marshrutka (minibus), which takes approx 3-4 hours to reach, and costs only 20 Gel pp.Places to visit in Kutaisi:Prometheus Caves: It is 1.4 km long and impressive cave than the Sataplia caves, it is real cave and must visit, we felt like we are in some Steven Spielberg movie after visiting this cave.Bagrati Cathedral: One of the must visit Cathedral in Kutaisi where you can get entire view of the city.Gelati Monastery: Situated approx 6km away from centre, this monastery have some great history.Kutaisi Parliament Building: It is a perfect example of love of Georgian Prime Minister for Modern Architecture.