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So I tried to sound original everytime I tried to pronounce the name of this place. I got it wrong always. However I tried, Adam just could’n approve it. In Mtskheta we visited the prometeus cave. 80 feet below ground is the last point in the cave that is open to tourists. It’s a nice experience if you also take the boat ride. There is a lot to walk and we had three kids so we had a little tough time explaining to them why the lights couldn be turned on. The other places we visited had a lot of monasteries and cathedrals like Bagrati Cathedral, Gelati Monastery, Mostameta Monastery. They were all unique in their own ways. Really old and traditional structures.
Eldho Abe
I have visited another famous church in Mtskheta Cathedral this is main orthodox church in Georgia.I can eat anytime
Yukti Art
Oldest European civilization used to live here. A world heritage UNESCO city.