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Anjuna Beach

Anjuna is firstly the name of a village and is one of the places where the earliest Hindus came and settled down. There is also the church of St. Micheal over here which is another major attraction besides the flea market of Anjuna. Coming to the beach of Anjuna, this is not a very crowded beach but is still quite a popular one. The crowd is of mostly foreigners and so you can expect a different surrounding than you find in other beaches or the ones in Mumbai or South India. You can enjoy swimming as well as water sports here and it is also a perfect place for picnics and get togethers.
We found Anjuna beach the most beautiful beach among the north Goa beaches. It was a bright sunny day but we weren't minding the sun. We spent lots time seating in the rocks, resting our legs in the sea. We wanted to bath in the sea but it was not possible in the Anjuna due to the rocks. So, we left Anjuna and went to the Baga beach. The beach was crowded. We spent some time, enjoying in the cool and clear sea water. We didn't spend much time there though, as we didn't like the crowd.
Anjuna BeachThen at evening we started to Anjuna beach and it took long ride to find the place and at last we were there to beach and spent sometime there. There is a rest-0-bar near the beach it was good place to spent in front of beach with friends.
chenna venkat
After spending more than an hour in the beach we started to Anjuna beach. It’s distance around 8.5km from Vagator. Its credible palms and rocky crescent give great pleasure to be at Anjuna Beach. It's distinguished due to the formation of unusual rock placed on a small inlet of white sand and black rock protruding into the sea. Spend some time walking along the beach by hearing seashores. Really it’s very good place for beach side parties and Adventure sports. May we enjoy some more activities if we visit this place in the year end.
Arambhol and Anjuna beach:Great place! When you rent a bike there the street going that side will give you good vibe. Roads are good with coconut trees around. Here you can find few cafes and restaurants with amazing views worth to explore. You will find blue sea here with all those stuff. Believe me, all “Stuff”.
Himakshi Joshi
In the evening we headed to the second closest beach from our place, the Anjuna Beach. Honestly speaking, we were a bit skeptical about going there because it is considered to be amongst the most crowded beaches of Goa, and we all wanted to avoid that. But, it didn't fail us. We found our spot on the side of Anjuna Beach where the very famous Curlies Shack is located.
Pritha Puri
Remember the 60's and the 70's when really cool people would just pack up and leave for the beach to refresh themselves and spend their time strumming their guitars or listening to the sound of waves crashing on the beach? Well, Anjuna was the definition of hipster in Goa. But over the years, change occurred and while change is inevitable, so is pollution. Anjuna might still be the lesser frequented of its contemporary beaches like Baga, Calangute or Vagator, but it is not what it used to be; a paradise for people who were spiritually and creatively motivated in life.
The 5th day starts with planning. Where we will go?? We have many places to go but less days to visit, so we decided to go Anjuna Beach. After reaching Anjuna Beach we spent some time there . . After Anjuna Beach we did local sight seeing and went to our guest house and went to Bagha beach and sat there for sometime.
Dipak Jadhav
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Madhumita Chatterjee
At the last day of our trip we went to Anjuna beach for trying out the water sports. The distance from Calangute to Anjuna is around 9 km. We tried out banana boat ride and jet skies and spent the rest of the day bathing in the water. Anjuna beach is very clean and tidy and you would find mostly foreign tourists there.
Vivek Garg
Next day go to Anjuna Beach to get the best and cheapest price of water sports.
Abhinav Ranjan
One more place not to miss is the flea market that happens near Anjuna beach. You can get some really beautiful hand crafted and otherwise items here. Don't forget to try the street food at this place, I tried an egg burger kind of item and it was awesome with melt in the mouth Egg preparation. We ended up eating another round of the dish. Goa it feels is like not a town but rather a fun-fair everywhere you look and I dot think anyone can have enough of this place.
Anwesha Maiti
When you go to Goa, whether for once or for multiple times, your trip will always be incomplete if you don't have Calamari fry with Port Wine.
Anjuna is one of the popular beaches of North Goa, especially amongst foreigners. It is an infusion of the characteristically bohemian-style flea market, beach parties, and good music in quirky food joints - Curlies is my favorite. Grab a seat with ocean view and treat yourself with western seafood and few chilled beers.
Vidushi Kara
Although Anjuna is a small village in Goa, its fame has travelled far and wide making it one of the most preferred places to visit in Goa. As much as this town is known for the St Michael’s Church, it is known for its flea market as well. Popularized by hippies, the flea market came into being during their time.Mapusa Friday Market
After landing we went to our hotel relaxed for some time and hired a self drive Bike and headed to Anjuna Beach, One of the most popular sea beaches because of its night Parties, Curlies and other good eating joints, peaceful seashore, with chilled beer and good music in nearby restaurants and flea markets. We enjoyed the sunset there and spent the whole evening at curlies very famous beach Shack of Goa. * Renting two wheeler in Monsoon may cost somewhere between Rs.200 to Rs.250 a day*Anjuna is situated 21 km north of Panjim and 7 km from Baga.* Anjuna Flea Market every Wednesday (Must Visit)* Curlies most famous Shack in Anjuna, Shiva Valley Shack next to Curlies has Trance night every Tuesday Day 2Today we hired a Four Wheeler as it was raining and travelling by a two wheeler becomes difficult in rain.
Shraddha Lama
We spent some time at Baga beach and then we headed for Anjuna beach.The lunch treat was at the Curlies, another awesome place in Goa. Anjuna is a little less crowded as compared to Baga and Calangute. I had heard so much about this place again, that i couldn't afford to not visit. The food again was absolutely awesome. I was hungry. (Ok, m hungry all the time!) But, not because of that the food was actually good. If you are here, you must try the Chicken wings and Fish fingers.Second day, well spent again.
Nandana Nallapu
Wednesday Flea Market at Anjuna Beach is a stretch of road with colourful clothes shops, spices, lamps, and other small souvenirs like bongs, stone elephants,etc. It is an experience, but you can give it a miss if you are going to visit the Saturday night Market at Arpora. At night, I simply strolled to the beach which is a ten-minute walk from the hostel, and there are always parties happening in one or the other shacks. Avoid long weekends,as they cause the beach to get horribly crowded. Sundowns are magical, as they are universally. You can relax in one of the shacks, and watch the sun go down the horizon, staining the sands, flecking the sea with gold, and couples in silhouette.
vivek avari
The next part of the trail takes you through the Anjuna beach. There is a narrow mud trail on the hill. Just follow the trail as it takes you into the village, the beach will be on your left. Find any lane that leads you to the beach and just walk north along the beach till it ends and there is flight of stairs which leads you towards the village. Alternatively you can walk through the village. The beach is much better though. For directions, just ask anyone how to reach the parking lot.
Sachin Verma
One of the most popular beach among Foreign travelers, Anjuna is known for its calm waters and shacks on the beach. The best shacks of Goa are on the Anjuna Beach – Curlies, Shiva Valley, Cafe Liliput to name a few. These shacks are quite popular among Bohemians and are built next to each other. One can easily sense a Hippy culture running on the beach. There is a party going on everyday in one of the shacks. Barring New Year and Specials there is no entry charge for these places. The atmosphere remains quite much the same till dawn, and this is when the crowd start retreating to their places. Its time to get back to bed and get a good sleep. A new day will bring new adventures.
Ishita Bhowmik
These are some typical party joints famous in North Goa and can be places in your to do list other than the usual Club Cabana.Word of advice - would recommend visiting Condolim for the sunset.I am sure the aftermaths of the party scenes which includes some pole crashing, dog cuddling and a lot of other things wouldn’t interest you, so let’s jump to Day 2!Day 2 - Trip to Dudhsagar Falls
Well after a long night(actully morning) do remember to sleep. Well if you do get up at luch time there is this small quircky place you got to visit for one of the best Burgers Goa has to offer, its called Burger Factory. Have a generous meal of the big burger , tangy mayo and crunchy chips. After that Visit the city shop for Kajus. In the evening you can visit the flee markets for some casual shopping. Int he night do not forget to visit the beach. Beaches are totally a new experiance at night. If you have the oppertunity do participate in the open air parties on the beach
mohit sharma
This beach is famous for the Market, and you could do a lot of shopping here, Its a completely different world. Some unique restaurants with beach view are perfect for candle light dinners.
Subhadeep Banerjee
Lots of options to eat with great view of Arabian Sea from eateries.
Damini Aggarwal
Shopping at Wednesday Flea Market for jewellery, clothes, ornaments etc can be done. It's time to really put your bargaining skills in action!