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Anjuna Beach

Anjuna is firstly the name of a village and is one of the places where the earliest Hindus came and settled down. There is also the church of St. Micheal over here which is another major attraction besides the flea market of Anjuna. Coming to the beach of Anjuna, this is not a very crowded beach but is still quite a popular one. The crowd is of mostly foreigners and so you can expect a different surrounding than you find in other beaches or the ones in Mumbai or South India. You can enjoy swimming as well as water sports here and it is also a perfect place for picnics and get togethers.
anamika porwal
We went to Anjuna beach and as it was around 4 in the evening and fortunately, we were right on time to try water sports like banana boat, parasailing etc. Since, I am afraid of heights one of my friend tried parasailing and, in her words, “it was worth it”. That amazing view of the setting sun would want you to go for it. Of course, if you are way too afraid of water and heights just sit on shacks there and relax, which the two of us did :p The cost of parasailing was around Rs 800/person.While heading back to our hotel we stopped by to do some street shopping from Anjuna street market and bought booze for the night.
Vaishnavi Sharma
After a fine deep sleep we woke up and it was 1:oo Pm already. we took a bath and got ready. We were famished as last night we didn't had a proper dinner. Unfortunately our hostels cafeteria was also closed. So we went to the streets in search of some good food. After lunch we went straight to Anjuna Beach. We relaxed for some time in a shack tried some snacks, clicked pictures. After that we went to sunset point on a hill top.
Anniversary Celebration DaySo when we woke up on the 30th after partying till midnight, it was our anniversary, we cooked the breakfast and directly in evening after just browsing through some reruns of 'Friends' we decided to go to Anjuna beach and entered the nice beach side place that we would love. Nothing was planned and we had time to explore and feel.
Suhas Madnanth
Anjuna beach was less crowded than Baga beach. I felt Anjuna was way better and peaceful than the busiest Baga beach. The were few water sports happening at the Anjuna beach. Like Baga beach, we can find shacks who play good music and serve some good food at the Anjuna beach.Since the crowd was less compared to Baga, we did a lot of photo sessions and sun set was really awesome.
Pushpak Mundre
So this is my first solo trip and I reached Goa at 10 am, I was really scared last night because I never done solo trip before. But when I reach I checked in to hostel, I was staying at Caterpillar hostel after that I went down to anjuna beach. Anjuna is famous for its parties and Russian women's that's what I observed.I was roaming around at beach and it was really beautiful. As I was alone I had no other option than to talk to new people. I noticed one guy was doing yoga on beach. I talked to him and he was very friendly his name is Danial and he is from colorado USA. We talked a little I learned basic yoga from him and I told him that I'm a solo traveller and he was also a solo traveller so the friendship started.I don't like being alone and I was worried about it if I make new friends in Goa, but because of danials company everything went well. We had a lot of fun at beach and in ocean. Both of us was hungry and we started looking for a good place to eat and then we had lunch together. While roming around on beach we met some people some crazy artist and travellers from Russia and UK.At 5pm we went to Red door hostel where we met lot of people. Especially, Kris who was my friend mayanks friend. Kris is from UK but he stays in Goa only. Goa is place where you need scotty or bike to travel so we borrowed a scooty on rent and at evening we went to Baga beach. There was a lot of Indian crowd at Baga and mostly Guys and food was pretty expensive. We wanted to party but then we thought baga is not a right place, after staying at baga for couple of hours we came back to Anjuna. But it was Monday night and beach was quiter, very less crowdAnjuna is famous for its parties but on Monday night there was just one trance party with very few crowd. So we changed our mind and just was had couple of drinks and talked about life and all then went back to hostel with a planning of what we are doing tomorrow. Our plan was to go to arambhol beach by scooty.