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INR 60 for 2 people

Curlies Beach Shack

One of the most popular and one of the best beach shacks in Goa, the Curlies Beach Shack is located near the flea market at the Anjuna Beach. People love to come here again and again and their best point is of course the ambience out here. They serve you with delicacies and some real good beverages and drinks. Another reason for the popularity of this place is that that this place hosts some of the best parties you will get to enjoy in Goa. This includes trance parties and electro parties which you hardly find so good in other places.
Road Runner
On 31st Dec we woke up at 11 because we were at the beach till 2 am and then at hostel till 5 am, so was tired and were at the hostel only till evening on 31st Dec. Then we went to Anjuna beach for our new year party at curlie's and shiva valley. The entry for stag was 2500 and for couple was 2000 rs.
6. Curlies and Shiva Valley, AnjunaOne of the most picturesque and Goa's most legendary beach shack, Curlies was one of the first shacks in the state. Perfect for couples, friends and even solo travellers.Shiva valley, famously called as the psychedelic temple, is located next to Curlies and is renowned for its Tuesday trance parties starting from 5pm. Neon lights and bass-thumping music will make you dance to the tune again and again.
Mounika Mudiraj
At Noon, we had our morning.. With aching muscles and sour tendons, we started our day...we went to ANJUNA BEACH.. One of the pleasant beaches.. Food is just awesome @CURLIES...We waited for the sun to set.. And it is one of the calm and cool sunset.🌇 ..Then we went back to Hostel.. AS LIFE IS AlWAYS BETTER BY POOl SIDE.. We group of 8 people have spent amazing time at the pool....During Dinner, we Four people had deep conversations..,where I came to know  their deeper side of life and  It's a day where we got to know each others more closely...After the entire talk I Realised that LIFE gives everyone a STORY to share..!!
Saumitra Shinde
Curlies needs no introduction! The beach shack at Anjuna with the mesmerizing view of the Arabian sea is an ideal place to bid adieu to 2018 and welcome the new year with wide arms. Grab a beer and roast pork and watch the sun setting over the shimmering water and the year went by.Opening hours: 8:30 am to 3 amCost: INR 200 to INR 800Must haves: Pork Roast, Beef Roast, Paneer Tikka, Salads
Nikhita Biswas
Personally, I felt the place was too crowded which is usually not my cup of tea. We could hardly find a vacant table. The night club was on the first floor with an entry charge of Rs. 750/-. As decided we were just here for dinner, and ordered Chicken and prawn fried rice and Chilly chicken. It was an absolute delight. The place did not serve pancakes and soups at night because it was too crowded. Too strong a logic I believe. Plus, we were interrupted quite a few times by peddlers who were selling neon bands and headbands. It was quite annoying. The tables were laid out on the sand just few steps away from the sea. The place had a live barbeque counter where they were serving fish and meat. If you follow the Google GPS from Siolim, it will directly take you to Curlies parking. Car parking charges – Rs. 40/- per car. From here, you will have to walk 5-7 minutes to reach the shack. The street shops will guide you. Cigarettes are readily available. This is the first time I saw so many brands at one place. And, for some strange reasons they were selling chocolates along and not mint. Share with me if you know why they do so in the comment section below.