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INR 60 for 2 people

Curlies Beach Shack

One of the most popular and one of the best beach shacks in Goa, the Curlies Beach Shack is located near the flea market at the Anjuna Beach. People love to come here again and again and their best point is of course the ambience out here. They serve you with delicacies and some real good beverages and drinks. Another reason for the popularity of this place is that that this place hosts some of the best parties you will get to enjoy in Goa. This includes trance parties and electro parties which you hardly find so good in other places.
CURLIESCurlies is one of the necessary places to visit in Goa for youngsters. This club also provides a variety of accommodation options so you can, in fact, choose to stay here for a day or two. It will be well worth the stayover. Curlies is an all-in-one beach “shack”. Not only is it known for its good quality of service and its equally good food, it is also very famous for its sea view. Curlies is located almost at the edge of Anjuna beach which means that, figuratively, the sea waves knock right at its doorsteps.Loud, cheerful music, a whole host of foods and drinks to choose from, and a breath-taking view. If you’ve never seen how beautiful the sea looks at night, your night at Curlies will surely reveal it to you. The rooftop lounge area is great to relax in after dancing as is the pool area.
Mohammed Shoyaib
Most of it was empty and all people were concentrated on the tables near the beach for a better view or dining under the stars. While drinks were upto the mark, music was not impressive at all. Felt like not much of an effort is being made in order to throw some good music.
A busy place, be ready to have some beer and place your order. It takes minimum 30 mins to get your order placed and based on your items it may take more so please sit back, relax and enjoy the drink.We enjoyed our evening by spending almost 2 hours there by having drinks, starters and burgers. For Veggies it will not be that great 😋.Dropped our family back to resort for dinner and we both planned to just explore the vagator area by visit some shops and the monkey tree resto bar.And finally we concluded our Day 1 in Goa, we enjoyed the evening and good night.Day 2 in Goa
Road Runner
On 31st Dec we woke up at 11 because we were at the beach till 2 am and then at hostel till 5 am, so was tired and were at the hostel only till evening on 31st Dec. Then we went to Anjuna beach for our new year party at curlie's and shiva valley. The entry for stag was 2500 and for couple was 2000 rs.
6. Curlies and Shiva Valley, AnjunaOne of the most picturesque and Goa's most legendary beach shack, Curlies was one of the first shacks in the state. Perfect for couples, friends and even solo travellers.Shiva valley, famously called as the psychedelic temple, is located next to Curlies and is renowned for its Tuesday trance parties starting from 5pm. Neon lights and bass-thumping music will make you dance to the tune again and again.