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Icebergs Dining Room and Bar

To splash-out on an exceptional Christmas meal, go to Icebergs Dining Room and Bar, perched atop the cliff at the south end of the beach, above the Bondi Baths. Nothing beats gazing out at the acid-blue sky, slurping oysters and sipping cocktails at this iconic restaurant and bar (also the location of Sydney’s most infamous and exclusive New Year’s Day party). Set back from the beach are some fabulous drinking dens that typify the Bondi vibe. The Shop and Wine Bar is the pick of the bunch: it’s a cafe by day and buzzing wine bar by night, with stools lining the footpath and a great selection of wines.
Lija Wilson
View - out of this world. Spend nothing and take it all in by the pool with a take away coffee and your towel or go all out and head to the top floor for a kick ass session of cocktails and oysters