Weekend Getaways: Sydney

18th Feb 2014
Photo of Weekend Getaways: Sydney 1/11 by Sofia
Amazing brunch at at the Bird and Bear Boatho
Photo of Weekend Getaways: Sydney 2/11 by Sofia
Beautiful view of the Coogee beach
Photo of Weekend Getaways: Sydney 3/11 by Sofia
Fine variety at Glebe Markets
Photo of Weekend Getaways: Sydney 4/11 by Sofia
Cozy Gusto Café
Photo of Weekend Getaways: Sydney 5/11 by Sofia
Iconic view from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair’
Photo of Weekend Getaways: Sydney 6/11 by Sofia
A display at Museum of Contemporary Art
Photo of Weekend Getaways: Sydney 7/11 by Sofia
A walk through the Royal Botanical gardens
Photo of Weekend Getaways: Sydney 8/11 by Sofia
A laidback day at Surry Hills
Photo of Weekend Getaways: Sydney 9/11 by Sofia
Ms. G's Asian Restaurant
Photo of Weekend Getaways: Sydney 10/11 by Sofia
The Norfolk Hotel, Sydney
Photo of Weekend Getaways: Sydney 11/11 by Sofia
The Winery

Yes, it seems a really short time to tour the largest and the most vibrant city of Australia. But, you will be surprised at how much of the city you can traverse in just three days’ time if you plan your trip well. In just three days, this city will captivate you and you would want to visit again. Sydney, with its outdoor lifestyle, is a thriving metropolis by the ocean. It is not without reason that the Sydneysiders (as the inhabitants are called) take pride in the magnificent harbor. The beautiful scenery makes it one of the most iconic cities in Australia and, maybe, even the world. But this is not the end, there is plenty to explore in and around Sydney. Discover the culture and art that the city is embellished with, along with the multitude of finest dining choices and the most therapeutic shopping. Is there any way a weekend can get better?

Friday- I started with this mini-weekend trip on Friday. First things first, if you’re visiting from overseas, your first stop should be at a Travel Money Oz store to exchange your foreign currency at the best exchange rates. My initial destinations for the day were the Royal Botanic Garden and Mrs. Macquire Chair. It had a breathtaking view of the entire harbor with Sydney Bridge and Opera House. The view turned beautiful as the sun descended, leaving an amber trail in the sky and a shade of positivity in your heart. After cherishing the sundown, I made my way along the Woolloomooloo Bay and landed on one of the most quirky and cozy restaurants- Mrs G’s Asian restaurant. A long day in the sun was wrapped up with a great food and a fine drink.

Saturday- It had been a long day and a short night, and it’s completely unfair to be sleep deprived on a weekend. Right? Waking up late, I grabbed brunch at the Bird and Bear Boathouse. Sitting here, I was greeted by the most amazing view of Elizabeth Bay under the sun. Once I had my fill of the food and the view, I headed to Glebe Markets. Once I managed to get myself away from the market, I headed to Museum of Contemporary Art. There is no way I could have left Sydney without a quick halt here. Since I was on a tight schedule, I really had to keep an eye on the watch since I didn’t want to miss the many pleasant explorations awaiting me. With the amount of purchasing I had done, it was only sane to go back to the hotel to drop them off. A little time by myself and evening was already knocking on my doors. It was time to get dressed for a night on the town! The wonderful second evening in the city started on the Crown Street at the very famous Toko Japanese restaurant. It had been an incredible day and had to have a unique end to it. And so I went to the most magical atmosphere I had seen by far in Sydney- The Winery. Though it was just a short walk down the road, the contrast in the setting surprised me.

Sunday- I started the last day of this trip not cuddling up in bed, but with a fresh walk along Oxford Street and leading my way up to the famous 5-ways in Darlinghurst, finally ending it with an undisturbed breakfast at Gusto Café. I was in a mood to be left alone, away from the crowd, the sweat and the honks. The ideal place for me to be was the Coogee beach. I then headed back to Surry Hills. This is one suburb you shouldn’t miss. Food for thought, food for the soul and food for the mind and cheap food is welcome every time, everywhere. I decided to bid adieu to Sydney with cheap (but delicious) food and drinks at The Norfolk Hotel on Cleaveland Street.

Sydney is a city that will blow your mind away. If you are looking for an adventurous and vibrant city for the weekend, make sure it is no place else but Sydney.

Day 1

I then headed to the Royal Botanic Garden for relaxing stroll. I moved further along and ended the walk at the iconic ‘Mrs Macquarie’s Chair’.

Photo of Royal Botanic Gardens, Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia by Sofia

Spectacular and engaging sunset views over the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Opera House.

Photo of Mrs Macquarie's Chair, Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia by Sofia

The food was mouth-watering and it would be sinful to not try more than one dish. The restaurant has a seeming unusual bar upstairs.

Photo of Mrs G’s Asian restaurant by Sofia

This is an ideal stop for grabbing lunch. The food is simply delightful. I was greeted by the most amazing view of Elizabeth Bay under the sun. The soft sun-kissed skin is definitely something you want to take back from Sydney.

Photo of Bird & Bear Boathouse, Ithaca Road, Elizabeth Bay, New South Wales, Australia by Sofia

For my next stop, I had to take a bus. One of the places I was eagerly looking forward was Glebe Markets. I got my organic coffee-hit at one of the cafes along Glebe Point Road to ensure I didn't spend the entire day digging around through the unique merchandise.

Photo of Glebe Markets, Glebe Point Road, Glebe, New South Wales, Australia by Sofia

It’s a perfect place for people looking forward to any kind of artistic inspiration. The place is intriguing and very engaging.

Photo of Museum of Contemporary Art, George Street, The Rocks, New South Wales, Australia by Sofia

This was the perfect pick for traditional Japanese food. And in return I got ‘Izakaya’ dining and the very best in fresh Australian produce.

Photo of Toko Japanese restaurant by Sofia

It was a short walk away from the Toko Japanese restaurant. The cobblestone path and low-hanging vines had stolen my heart as soon as I set my foot. A beautiful wine bar along with an enchanted beer garden, there was nothing more I could have asked for.

Photo of The Winery, Crown Street, Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia by Sofia

The coffee is really great here. The setting of the café is peaceful and perfect for a breakfast. I chose to sit outside which provided a perfect setting to watch the hustle at the junction.

Photo of Gusto Cafe, The Strand, Penshurst, New South Wales, Australia by Sofia
Day 2

Coogee beach is a crowd-free beach. I spent time lazing around in the sun before a quick dip in the vast, inviting ocean.

Photo of Coogee Beach, Coogee NSW, Australia by Sofia

Surry Hills qualified as the most pleasant walk on this trip. I am glad to have not missed this suburb. This beautiful street is home to an array of art galleries, kitsch boutiques and bookstores. The terrace houses truly add to the exquisiteness of this place.

Photo of Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia by Sofia

This place has a gorgeous beer garden and delicious food. But the best part about this place is that it's bursting with good vibes. The Norfolk Hotel was the best way to end my amazing weekend.

Photo of The Norfolk Hotel, South Terrace, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia by Sofia
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