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Cook & Book

The Cook&Book store is located a little outside the city centre, more precisely in the suburb of Brussels called Uccle. The advantage when having a little sister is to discover these unexpected places you would never enter if you are not a child or if you don’t have any! It isn’t a library, it isn’t the latest trendy cafe to try… Its both!. As the name suggests, you both have an eating aspect and a reading aspect. Thanks to the original and overwhelming decor, customers can’t stop themselves from touching the fur animals, opening a book, looking at the vinyl covers. A great way to get your child mind back is to just take a seat at the big friendly table, order yourself a nice plate of pasta and enjoy the playful and joyful atmosphere :) Every detail has been thought of: the big fur animals patchwork on the sofas, the little Mickey mouse characters in the lamps, the chest game tables, the tagged ceiling with Tintin scenes… We only had afternoon drinks but it was enough to make us travel in time and remember our childhood memories :) On our way out, I also noticed the fresh cakes and pastries in the window… can’t wait to go back to Cook&Book to actually have time to try one !!!!! It is the perfect place for families and children to spend some quality time all together. The concept will please both the big and small ones ! Moreover, in a country where it rains so much and you can not enjoy being outside, it is important to find nice places you want to go back to and where you know you can spend some good time in with kids :)