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Doi Suthep Su Thep Chiang Mai Thailand

Sanchari Mitra
This is one destination in Thailand which you cannot miss!! From Night Safaris to Tribal villages to beautiful Monasteries to Elephant farms - Chiang Mai has a variety to offer. It is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and a river flowing amidst with swanky restaurants and cafes built around.Day 1:My visit to Thailand could not have started at a better place than the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, the most famous of all Buddhist temples in Chiang Mai. It is a 45 min drive from the city up the hill on a winding road. Climb the steps or you can take the elevator after paying a small fee. Enjoy the folk dance performance by small children and walk around the compound to see the smaller installations.The city view during the sunset from the temple is the highlight. The temple is adorned with a golden plated Chedi (stupa) containing holy Buddha relic, making it an important pilgrimage destination for the Buddhists from all over the world.Kantoke dinner and folk dance in Chiang Mai's premiere Kantoke venue (Khum Kantoke) is a unique way to experience the traditions of Northern Thailand. Sample northern delights as Thai pork curry, Thai fried chicken, fried cabbage, Thai sticky rice and fried bananas to name but a few.Take a walk in the famous Night Bazaar and do some shopping of local items. It is a very lively night market even during the late hours with beautiful spas and great music.Day 2:Make a full day tour to Chiang Rai Province and The Golden Triangle, meeting point of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Take the first stop at the Maekhajan hot springs - a good spot to take a morning cup of coffee before heading up towards the stunning Wat Rong Khun, often named as 'The White Temple' due do its dazzling white colour inlaid with mirrored glass. This is a gorgeous temple and a must visit in Chiang Rai. It was quite amazing to look at the women wearing heavy neckpieces (as heavy as 3kg) in the Karen Long Neck Tribal village. It is a symbol of beauty and since childhood they start wearing them.The Golden Triangle is quite an epic viewpoint considering the history attached to it. You stop by the roadside & look at the triangle formed by the convergence of the Maesai & Mekong River & the borders of Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia & Thailand. China is only 270km upriver! Nearby are the ruins (14th century) of Wat Phra That Pu Khao, which added to the sense of history in this place. The main attraction, however, is the Opium Museum which houses a fascinating collection of opium paraphernalia & a good history of the trade & wars. Well worth a visit.Day 3:On last day, go ahead and spend the day in proximity with nature. Numerous elephant farms, located at outskirt of the city, offer great entertainment and fun. Well trained elephants demonstrate their skill at painting, soccer and other games. You can them take ride on elephant through beautiful lushgreen forest and flowing stream. Plug in Ox cart ride in between and you will be wading through the forest and local hutments. Complete your visit with bamboo rafting after sumptuous lunch at the farm.You may head towards Tiger Kingdom next. It is an enthralling experience to be with a roaring tiger in the same frame! The white tigers were a treat to watch. This is a lifetime experience for us. Conclude the day with stopover at beautiful orchids and butterflies farm. Spend the evening leisurely on a café around the river flowing through the city and soothing Thai massage.Bon Voyage!!!
Post that we went to visit the Hmong tribal village .This was about 15-20 minutes drive from Doi-Suthep .We stopped at a local cafeteria and had the most amazing coffee there. Again there were many stalls selling jewellery, accessories and stoles etc
Saturday, Day 2 – Previous night rains had cleared the sky and we could finally see the mountain from our hotel room. We had booked a tour to Doi – Suthep for this day .Doi Suthep is a temple located around 15kms from the city and is actually the name of the mountain where it is built. The temple is quite serene and with Buddha statues, incense and chimes.
Neyha Jain
Temples: Let’s collect a lifetime’s blessing while in CM. There are just too many Wats & I am listing the prominent ones you should visit for their heritage. Doi Suthep, situated on a hill-top and magnificent in its beauty. An elephant carrying Buddha relics chose this spot while the King was deciding on a place to built the Stupa. The Golden wat is spread out and overlooks CM city. Try the ancient Chinese prophecy thing here. To get there, take a ride to the CM Zoo and from there on pick up a shared ride for 40THB to the entrance. Further up Doi Suthep is a King’s Palace and also a garden where seasonally cherry blossom can be spotted. Next, Wat Chedi Luang. Magnanimous setting of the Wat and an old but mighty old school style Stupa. There’s a Monk Chat program at the Wat. Check out the single jade stone Buddha here. Wat Phan Tao, is located besides and is quite ancient and peaceful in feel. There’s nothing jazzy with this one & is definitely ages old. Wat Phra Kiat, also housing Buddha relics, this one is quite on the lines of Suthep. The overall take-in is surreal and it looks lustrous in the daytime.
Doi Suthep is still a working temple despite being one of the most visited temples in Northern Thailand. If you choose to skip the stairs, the ride up to the temple is scenic and relaxing. From the temple, impressive views of Chiang Mai can be seen and it remains a popular destination for tourists. Street vendors line the entrance offering food (including bugs!), clothing, souvenirs, Buddhist objects and even animals in cages. Many believe it is good luck to purchase these animals for the simple purpose of setting them free.
Neha Singh
The Doi Suthep is one of the most spiritually important sites in Thailand. Located in the city of Chiang Mai, the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple is surrounded by 100 square miles of untouched Natural Park filled with a diverse population of flora and fauna. It is perched at 5,528 miles above sea level majestically looking over the city. Built in the twelfth century, the temple is crowned by a 79 ft tall golden monument that can be seen shining in the sun light from the foot of the hill.Doi Suthep also has picturesque water falls flowing along the height of mountains, forming clear pools and foaming streams. These make for lovely picnic spots for tourists going up to the temple.7. Railay
Christelle & Peter
Almost everything at the night bazaar is made in China and it's expensive. Next we visited the The North gate of the old ramparts. Old Chiang Mai inside the ramparts used to be the royal "playgrounds". Nowadays it is the touristy hub.Next was Wat Jetlin. We found this wat very surprising. The kids played the gongs for half an hour. Doi Suthep is a temple at the top of a mountain.
Gunjan Upreti
The Chiang Mai Zoo is probably the best zoo in Thailand. Located at the foot of Doi Suthep, the zoo houses Thailand’s only giant panda family. You can also spot tigers, crocodiles, bears, gibbons and imported species of koalas, giraffes, zebras and penguins.Where: 100 Th Huay Kaew, Chiang Mai, ThailandTiming: 8:00 A.M to 4:30 P.MContact: Chiangmaizoo.com3. Go zip zap zoom in Chiang Mai
Kiran Oshin
An old Buddhist Monastery on the outskirts of town, you can hire a Tuk-Tuk or any other local transport to get there.. The peaceful ambiance and lovely decor of temple is mesmerizing, spent some time roaming around.. You may happen to bump these little girls dressed in tradition attire and take pictures with them, though language is a barrier but you can still enjoy communicating to them.. There many handicraft shops to pick lovely Thai stuff .. Come to town and spey you evening surfing around night markets or pubs..
Pamela Macnaughtan
Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep is located about 15 km north of Chiang Mai. The roads are winding, but driving through the hills is beautiful. I love how lush and green everything is. The original temple was founded in 1383, however over the years there have been many additions to the original site. Each more beautiful and ornate. I had to climb up 305 stairs but it was worth the pain. I could have stayed here all day. Wandering around Wats is always so peaceful and relaxing. I love admiring the statues and relics. Everything is so bright and colorful, especially on a sunny day (most days here are sunny days).