Mae Taeng District Chiang Mai Thailand

Neyha Jain
Mae Taeng Tour: To soak in the many wonders of CM, I started Day 2 with a day trip by BonVoyage travels. An egg-citing breakfast and long ride later, we arrive at the Orchid farms, this farm houses more than 50 differently coloured orchids and also a butterfly farm. It was refreshing to be at this farm while it was sort of a photo op only. From here we are taken to an elephant hostage spot. Now unfortunately, we were told that its a place to have fun with the elephants while they were used for rides. Thailand is all elephants and hence wrong doings are also common. A guilt trip later, its rafting time. The rubber raft experience is good with a couple of strong rapids and we also get a gig with the traditional bamboo raft. There’s a hike to a small waterfall. The fun yet scary thing here was you could slide the fall into a small deep pond, if you get the thrill !? The last thing was a visit to the PooPoo paper factory (highly acclaimed) where animal waste is used to make paper. This was one happy place i loved to be at.