Peer Ki Gali 1/1 by Tripoto
@diti $rivastava
> Peer Ki Gali: also called “Heart Of Mugal Road” A historical story also attached with this place. A beautiful place to visit and less crowded as well. You will definitely enjoy the story and scenery.
Syed Jazib Ali
After passing through that narrow road we reached Peer Ki Gali and it was then that we realized that it was worth the risk we took.Peer Ki Gali was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my life. The road got cleared a little bit after seven long months and we were the first ones to step our feet on the shiny white blanket of the snow which was thick and spread over a vast area. Anywhere our eyes went everything was covered beautifully in snow and the sun shone brightly in the blue sky. That sight was a feast to my eyes, one which I cannot forget in this lifetime. Raw and untouched nature was at its best with the winds caressing our skins. A real paradise or we can say "The Lost Paradise" on which my coming documentary is based is under post production. The place is surely a must visit for nature and adventure lovers as there is more than 5 km of stretched area perfect for skiing and other winter sports