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The Khyber Spa by L'Occitane

Disha Kapkoti
Their tagline says get enchanted by heaven in heaven. Rightly put! In this hunt for best wedding destinations in India, Khyber Resort and Spa definitely deserves to be on the list. The hotel, mostly known as a popular spa resort, is also a great offbeat wedding venue. If you have imagined your wedding day in the lap of the hills, this property spread across 7 acres of a sylvan coniferous forest view of the Afrawat Peaks with 85 luxury suites can be your pick.
Sushma Neeraj
Any which way you look in Kashmir, you’ll find something pretty. But there’s something about this resort that trumps others, and it’s not just the pine trees and the L’Occitane spa! The cottages and rooms, decorated with indigenous crafts and done up in regal colours for warmth, all boast of ceiling-height windows, that look more like photo frames when the view outsides includes snow-covered mountain, with the odd green tree peeking out. Pack up now, we’ll see you in the meadows! The view from the spa, especially during winter is stunning because of the fully glass walls.
Aadeel Noorani
To Travel is To Live...!!! And To Travel and Stay with such beautiful View is LIFE...!!!
Soon after breakfast we headed for Gondola ride, the world famous gondola ride, as we stepped out of the hotel, we saw few guides waiting there, we engaged a guide who became a good friend later Mr. Manzoor a famous Skiing expert and a professional snow boarder. He quickly arranged for Gondola tickets for us, we chose to go to both the phases and phase 2 is at the peak of ±14K Ft ASL which costed Rs.1,600 / head. And we were advised by our guide to hire gum boots which we did for a modest rate of Rs.100 /Pair. As we got to the waiting hall we saw that already some 60-70 people were waiting in the queue.Our guide being a influential fellow by-passed the queue and we got into the gondola in 30 mins time. There were many guides there and they have been telling us the stories of Gulmarg to us. There used to be days where people used to wait for 4-5 hours in queue to get their turn and also on the mountains on an good day few thousand tourists used to go. Manzoor suggested that we should go to the phase 2 straight that means we had to change the Gondola and the phase 2 Gondola looked very modern and as we got there i realised it was wise decision to take my Columbia jacket. We got out of the gondola and saw few sledge pullers waiting for the tourists, but were advised against going for sledge and Skiing guys were there ready with their Ski's and Manzoor suggested to give a try, its a funny adventure that we had to hold the ski guy and stand on the ski and he would take us for a ride. This was waste of money and super expensive for a 200-250 mar ride we paid Rs.2000 / Head. They started with a rate card of Rs.4000/ Head, bargaining is must. We got to see some breath taking views as i started taking pictures weather started to get rough and we had to leave the place.
We had several places in mind, after evaluating all the options we chose to go to Kashmir. I was very apprehensive considering the political and security situation in Kashmir based on the news i get to see on TV. I called up hotels couple of times to get an assurance about the situation. Two things kept bothering me one security situation and other weather forecasts. But we had to go as we have been planning this trip for ages to see Tulips in Srinagar and Tulips can be seen only during April month. So finally we said we will do it and leave the rest to our fate.We left from Bangalore at morning 8 AM and arrived at Srinagar by 2.30 PM. Khyber hotel guys were waiting for us at the airport and transferred us to the hotel in Gulmarg. Driver gave us all information about Kashmir valley, art and crafts there, must visit places etc., Enroute we were excited to see lot of mustard fields spread across like a yellow carpet in the valley in between the snow capped mountains. We got to the hotel by 4.30 PM and decided to take rest that evening.