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Mansa Devi Temple

Ranjan Singh

The top view of places where i go is one of my favourite and Haridwar has it has a shrine or temple of Goddess Mansa called as Mansa (originated from the mind of Lord Shiva) devi Temple atop Bilwa hills of shivalik range of can reach there by a rope way service known as "Udan Khatola" or to test your gut you could trek 3 kilometres uphill which is i recommend only if you are physically and mentally fit as trek goes through narrow lanes of steep inclined stairs enough to make you stop now and then so decide team of shrine made it easy for pilgrims by providing drinking water, helping elderly to climb.there are many point where you could sit and rest for sometime before getting ready for more steps.Mansa devi Temple is one of three Siddh Peeth (where desires of worshippers get fulfilled),other two are Chandi devi Temple and Maya devi per Mythology Mansa devi and Chandi devi always resides close to each other that can be seen at many places in our country, for example in Chandigarh there is Chandi Mandir next to Mansa devi Temple.It worth every effort made once you reach the top,pain seems to disappear when you look at the mesmerising picturesque view of holy Ganges with Haridwar city in the background.Undoubtedly it is a must visit attraction of Haridwar.Time to leave for Rishikesh to attend evening Aarti at Triveni ghat if luck is with me as weather was cloudy and it may rain anytime soon.
Shalini R
The first thing we did upon reaching Haridwar was to get a combination ticket for the cable car to visit the Chandi Mata and Mansa Devi Temples. These temples are situated on opposite hills and can be also reached by foot. However, the cable car experience was great as we could see the beautiful city of Haridwar and river Ganga flowing amidst it all.