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Hemis Monastery

Pritha Puri
The biggest and the richest monastery in the whole of Ladakh, Hemis Monastery is a few kilometres away from Leh and hides behind a barren hilltop. The same road to Hemis also extends to Hemis National Park. This monastery in India is known for its famous annual festival where vibrant dances and Buddhist rituals are performed. The monastery also offers stay for tourists who come here to visit. For people who prefer some interaction with travellers the Hemis Monastery is the perfect place to be in. Every year thousands of travellers come to visit the monastery and the numbers increase especially during the Hemis Festival. Wake up early to attend the early morning prayers and get awe-struck by the sublime atmosphere the sound of music creates.Where: Ladakh, Kashmir
Priya Parashar
We started our day with Hemis Monastery which is some 1-hour drive from main Leh. There was an entry fee of Rs. 50. It is big and has an underground museum. You can buy some souvenirs from their local shop.
Neha Kirpal
Other must-do sights not too far from the hotel are Hemis monastery and Alchi monastery.
Dipika Thakkar
Hemis monastery Museum is 47 kms from Leh, looked intriguing from outside among the mountains. This monastery has two temple of Lord Buddha & Padmasambhava a prayer room for the lamas. The monastery also has a museum and a shop which has Tibetan style stuff at reasonable prices.Thisky Monastery : It was mesmerizing monastery where almost 2 floor big Beautiful statue of lord Buddha. From Where we Bought some Ayurvedic Medicines.Rancho’s School: Here we came at the place of our favorite Bollywood movie 3 idiots’ Shooting has done. Earlier the name of the School was Druk padma Karpo but after this Movie name was Rancho’s School. There is beautiful café with the pictures of 3 idiots .Here we End our trip with Heavy heart. we packed our bags and said goodbye to this lovely places. Its lavish trip. I wish to visit this place again & again to capture its beauty in my eyes.
Nachiket Parchure
We visited hemis monastary..
Cox & Kings
This morning, after breakfast, drive around the Pangong Lake and don't forget to click photos!! Continue to Leh. En route visit Hemis Monastery hidden in a gorge, the largest and wealthiest gompa in Ladakh. Visit Stok Palace, famous for beautiful gardens and the view of sunrise as well as sunset is amazing from the palace. At present, the palace is open to visit and present a collection of royal attires, crown and other royal materials. The rest of the day is at leisure to explore the city. Overnight in Leh. (B)
rysha hamza
Nearing Hemis, we felt we were being transported to an infinite expanse of parched land, encompassed by undulating peaks melting into the blurry background. It was frosty one moment and blazing the next. The monastery was closed for lunch when we got there. So we helped ourselves with some thukpa and fried rice from the visitors' canteen. The courtyard was massive with tall flagpoles marking its corners and the red beams of the double-storied quarters touching the intricate carvings of its roof. Tourists flock to this monastery to attend the annual festival during which the lamas perform a masked dance. The banner for Naropa 2016 was up already - the Kumbh Mela of the Himalayas hosted by the Hemis monastery once in every 12 years to honour the 11th century Buddhist scholar-saint Naropa.
Arjit Anand
Hemis Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery of the Drukpa Lineage, located in Hemis, situated 45 km from Leh, originally established in 11th century, the monastery was re-established in 1672 by the Ladakh king Sengge Namgyal. The annual Hemis festival honoring Padmasambhava is held here in early June. It is one of the most beautiful monasteries that we visited. The wall paintings and architechture of the monastery stood out. There is a small museum in the monastery compound itself which sells souvenirs and is worth a visit.
Hemis festivalHemis monastery is also famous for its yearly festival, which is held to honour Guru Rinpoche. Since it is held according to the Tibetan lunar calendar, its dates on the solar calendar change every year.It is held on the 10th day of the fifth Tibetan lunar month, the day on which Padmasambhava is supposed to have been born. This year, the dates fell on July 14–15, so if you plan to go, find out in advance the corresponding dates on the Western calendar.It is perhaps the grandest festival in Ladakh and gives a fine display of Tibetan ‘chham’ (masked) dancers to their traditional music of cymbals, long horns (dungchen), and drums.
Though Ladakhi king Sengge Namgyal re-established the monastery in 1672, there is evidence that a monastery existed there even earlier than the 11th century. The monastery is dedicated to Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche). The monastery houses a striking statue of Padmasambhava, and the walls and ceilings are adorned with rich murals and thankas.Unlike some of the other monasteries with more dramatic locations, Hemis monastery stands surrounded by low mountains and cars practically go right up to its doorstep. However, like other Buddhist gompas, it is isolated from human settlements and do not expect to find shops or eateries nearby. The nearest hotels or other forms of ‘comfortable’ accommodation are in Leh.
The richest monastery of LadakhHemis, or Hamis, is a village located barely 40km from Leh town, the headquarters of Ladakh. It’s most famously known for its monastery, 45 km from Leh, and one of the oldest and largest gompas in Ladakh. It’s also apparently the richest.
Nupur Pradhan
One of the oldest and most sacred Buddhist Monastery. It is overwhelming. So is the route that leads upto it. There is a museum depicting the lives of the monks. The Ladakh Hemis Festival takes place here
Padma Madipalli
We utilized the second day for some local sightseeing. This we started by visiting the Hemis Monastery, Thiksey Monastery and Shey Palace. Hemis monastery, 47 kms from Leh, looked intriguing from outside among the mountains. This monastery has a room which houses a statue of Lord Buddha, in another room a statue of Lord Padmasambhava and a prayer room for the lamas. The monastery also has a museum and a souvenir shop which has Tibetan style stuff at reasonable prices.
Jigmet Dorje Wangchok
Famous monastery
Navina Jafa
This monastery is the oldest one in the area belonging to the Kargyu School. The Gompa is a unique example of a monastic complex of this period, which manifests in its structure the geomantic principles which underlie religious constructions of this type. In addition, there are examples of construction techniques and details that are not found elsewhere. This place is a home for several hundreds of monks, thousands of devotees, villagers and tourists during the most memorable festival celebrated in Hemis Gompa, the largest Buddhist monastery in Ladakh.