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Hemis Monastery

Sahila Kalia
Some roads are beautiful and some are just simply rough.Day 3 is all about sight seeing around Leh. You can ride down to Hemis Monastery, the most quietest place on earth. Purchase a souvenir from the monastery and on your way back stop at every place you feel the best. There are many monesteries on the way where you can make a halt.
Sudipto & Snigdha
The stark landscape of Ladakh always looks beautiful inundated with colours. The last time we had found a sea of maroon and red filling up the desolate landscape, it was the Naropa festival almost two years ago. This year, we headed to the Hemis festival. The festival which is an annual occurrence at Ladakh's largest monastery, Hemis is to celebrate the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava. Let me tell you my journey to the Hemis festival this year and why this should definitely be your destination next year.
The main highlight of the festival is the Guinness World Record trial for a synchronized dance performance consisting most number of women. A total of 299 women aged between 18 and 60 wearing heavy coat called "gonchas" with "Petrak" headwear at a height of 4500m. Swapnil Dangarikar, the official for Guiness Book of World records scrutinized the event and announced it as the "Largest Ladakhi Dance" called "Shondol" by Live to Love Drupka Charitable Trust and Drukpa Association.
One can stay in Leh city from where the place is easily accessible. The festival took place in a plateaued region surrounded by rocky terrains close to the Hemis monastery (3 km away). One can book a cab from the main city to reach the place. There are enough options to enjoy native delicacies and one can indulge in shopping of local items.
Vinay Singhal
Date: 20th June 2018Hemis and Thiksey MonasteryNext day we moved towards Leh again to exchange the bike, but Gurmat did not have any other bike to get it exchanged but he arranged one Himalayan for us from the market. A big thanks to him.We were already late that day, it took a lot of time to get the bike arranged.On the other hand we also did not wanted to waste our day. So we thought to enquire about the bus to Manali from Leh first and after that to explore Thiksey and Hemis Monastery.We reached bus stand of Leh, we needed to reach Manali by Sunday because we had booked Bus from Manali to Delhi which was scheduled at 4:00 PM.There were lots of Traveller buses available which was charging 2500 per seat and leave from Leh in the evening at and reach Manali next morning. We also got to know that there are two Govt buses running from Let to Manali. We enquire about that and got to know that these buses starts from Leh at 4:00 AM in the morning daily which charges only Rs. 850 per person. But the twist was, you have to book the ticket one day prior to the scheduled time of the bus from 10:00 AM till the tickets get booked.We need to get the bus of Saturday so that we can reach Manali on time to get our bus to Delhi on Sunday.It was already Wednesday and we were still left with Tso Moriri and Tsokar to explore. It was hardly possible for us to reach Leh on Friday morning from Tsomoriri which is approx 210 Kms away.We thought to give it a try by leaving Tso moriri at earliest possible time to reach Leh.After lunch we headed towards Thiksey Monastery, we explored that. Views from Thiksey monastery are very nice.