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Naina Devi Temple

The temple is found on high of the Naina hill at the northern shore of Naini lake in Nainital, UttraKhand. Nainital is one in every of the sixty four Shaktipeeths conjointly called spiritual sites of Hinduism.There is a lake 167 yards wide and ninety three feet deep behind the temple. An ancient temple is believed to own been in-built the fifteenth century A.D. that was reconstructed in 1883. Within the ancient days of history once Sati, the love of Lord Shiva, unable in contact the insult once her father King Daksha refused to ask Sati and Lord Shiva for a yajna, burnt herself to death. Ruined and grieving, once Lord Shiva was returning to their abode together with her body in His arms, her body elements fell on varied places on earth. The temple of Naina Hindu deity is made on the spot wherever the eyes (naina) of the immortal are assumed to own fallen, and for that incident people around this place named that temple Naina devi temple.
Kunal Arora
Connects you to the divine experience.
Manu Khandelwal
Kushendra Tiwary
Must visit place.
Sattanurupa Saha
It is said that the word Naini is derived from the Goddess Naina. Nainital is believed to be one of the 64 Shaktipeeths, where one of the body parts of Goddess Sati fell, when Lord Shiva carried her body. In Nainital, the eyes (naina) of the Goddess are assumed to have fallen. The temple is located on the northern shore of the Naini Lake. However; it got destroyed by the landside which took place in the year 1880 and it was later rebuilt because the temple was of great importance amongst the locals. The presiding deity of the temple is Maa Naina Devi which is represented by two ‘netras’ or eyes. The flanking Naina Devi is the deities of Mata Kali and Lord Ganesha.
Sundeep & Bedabrata
We did do some touristy activities – mattha tek at the Naina Devi shrine – buying candles – the prepaid 10 rupees rickshaw ride and finally boating at the Naini lake. In the course of the day it had become windy and cold. Almost everyone was wearing multiple layers and having warm Maggi and sipping tea. The boat ride deserves a little more space. One, there was no haggling – the rate was fixed and the boatman did not ask for any additional tip. Further, the beauty of the surrounding could only be experienced in totality through the panoramic view that the boat ride offered. The boatman was very sociable and set his oars aside to click us.