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Late afternoon
8:00 am- 6:00 pm (last entry- 5:30 pm)
Explore the fort
Indians: INR 25, Foreigners: INR 200, Guide In Person: INR 200, Audio Guide- Hindi/English- INR 100/INR 150 respectively.
September - May
Couples, Families, Friends
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Amer Fort

This is one of the most magnificent forts in not only Jaipur but in the entire state of Rajasthan. The main area of the fort is covered by a royal palace which is a mix of white marble, pink and pale yellow sandstone. The palace has four parts and each of them has their personal courtyard as well. You can easily consider taking an elephant ride up and down if the budget permits. Suraj Pol is the entry gate of the fort and the main courtyard is named as Jaleb Chowk. There is another gate here called the Chand Pol as well. For those who are a little religious do not forget to check out and pray at the Siladevi Temple within the fort. Overall, the place has a spectacular architecture and the planned structure will surely mesmerize you.
Garima Aneja
Day Two: Ahhh! When in Jaipur, your day needs to start with a palace visit to channel the inner royal in you! Make way for the grand Amer Palace Fort right in the morning as this place will take at-least 2 hours of your time. You can either walk the steps all the way to the top (approximately 500 steps! Take this route if you want to take some epic shots of the palace), or you can do an elephant ride all the way to the top (costs around Rs 1100 for 2 people) or you can book a jeep ride to the top or better, if you have your own mode of transport, you can follow the jeeps all the way to the back of the fort where you can reach the top of the fort by driving your own vehicle).
Milia robert
El Dia Siguiente fuimos por visita de Cuidad Jaipur y Fue Inolvidable Hemos conocido El forte Amber y en el forte subimos en el Elefante una experiencia muy buena después fuimos Placio de Vientos Palacio de agua,Palacio de Cuidad . y también fuimos el Mercados y las fabricas donde la janete hacen las cosas con mano como el tapete vestidos típicos , el guía y Hargovind nos llavo a todo los partes.
 Purusottam Mohanty
 Purusottam Mohanty