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Among the places to visit in Jaipur, missing Amer Fort exploration is almost next to impossible. The grandeur that this place shadows over the city is quite remarkable and looks more like a protective shield to Jaipur from one end. Once you reach the area and check out the fort from a distance, the picturesque image will look more like a movie scene. The fort is located outside the city away from the hustle bustle. One of the major attractions here is the Sheesh Mahal or the Palace of Mirrors that surely should be checked out once. Mirror work is embedded on the walls, pillars and the ceiling of the Mahal making it as enthralling as possible. The lush green lawn of the Amer Fort is another of the things worth a mention here. Take a walking tour, shop from the souvenir shop and take a break at the coffee shop to have a fulfilling day.
Shakti Chauhan
Amber fort is around 11 km from Jaipur. The Fort is located on a hill. There are beautiful structures inside the fort complex. You can also enjoy Panoramic view of Maota lake. The main attraction in Amber fort is Elephant ride. Elephant will take you the main entrance of fort like Maharajas entered in old time.
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So I woke up to a very lazy morning and I went around walking to have some clicks of Hawa Mahal and the Jal Mahal also Jantar Mantar was on my list to visit which I did. I was busy at these places and it was Noon 01:00 PM. Now I headed towards a restaurant there and had my lunch, I ate as slow as a tortoise and then I proceeded to Amer Fort. I loved the history of it and my excitement was par high when I found a Cafe Coffee Day outlet here. I went into and quickly ordered my Espresso, I loved that and then I proceeded back to famous Chokhi Dhani ! I recommend each and every tourist to visit the Chokhi Dhani for sure.
Amber Fort:Next stop was Amber Fort. There is regular bus to Amber Fort from Jal Mahal. My driver left me at the Jal Mahal. I took the bus from Jal Mahal to reach here (Fare INR 10). Amber Fort is UNESCO world heritage site and were used by the ruler/nobles of Jaipur.
Kalyan Choudhury
Perched on a hilltop, this is the famous Amber Fort. The fort is impressive in size and structure. The fort houses the Diwan-e-Aam, or ‘Hall of Public Audience’, the Diwan-e-Khas, or ‘Hall of Private Audience’, and also the Sheesh Mahal, the ‘Mirror Palace’. The splendor of Amber Fort is heightened during the Light and Sound Show in the evening which is a must watch. Also various movies like 'Khoobsurat', 'Bajirao Mastani', 'Jodha Akbar' etc have been shot here. It is a must visit fort.
Garima Jain
We stopped our car at the opulent palace, Amer Fort, an impressive stairway from Jalebi Chowk leads into the main palace grounds. This palace, along with Jaigarh Fort, is located immediately above on the Cheel ka Teela (Hill of Eagles) of the same Aravalli range of hills. Here, at the entrance to the right of the stairway steps is the Sila Devi temple where the Rajput Maharajas worshiped. The building to the left of the entrance gate is called the Jai Mandir, which is exquisitely embellished with glass inlaid panels and multi-mirrored ceilings.
Saurabh Chauhan
You have not seen Jaipur properly if you have not visited the Amer Fort. One of the key things to do in Jaipur is a visit to this UNESCO heritage fort. Just outside the city. Amer Fort or Amber fort used to the powerhouse of the rulers before Jaipur became the capital. I was raring to go see it and would have done so possibly on the first day in Jaipur itself. However, having just reached Jaipur, we were not ready to start early. Amer Fort is quite well documented and me havingdevoured it all, was ready to see all that I had imagined. Here are few pics of the visit.
Karishma Mayur
6)Amer Fort: This is arguably the best tourist attraction of Jaipur. The fort campus is huge and offers scenic views of lake Maota, alongside which it is built.
The third day should be dedicated to Amer Fort - the largest and most beautiful, give yourself atleast half a day to cover this one if you love exploring like I do or 2 hours minimum.
Amer Fort: The Amer Fort is located in Amer and is one of the most famous tourist attractions. The fort is huge and extremely beautiful. Besides, it helps to know the history of the rulers who built this fort. The fort is built in red and white sandstones with carvings on the ceilings and paintings on the walls. The most important aspect of this fort is the sheesh mahal or mirror palace. This palace is shown in many movies and is a favorite for photography lovers. A light and sound show takes place here every evening that highlights the history of Jaipur. It takes about 2-3 hours to see the entire fort.There are vendors selling beautiful earrings inside the fort which can be purchased after bargaining. But it is worth the buy!
Trupti Satardekar
With our stomach full, we started with Amer fort. We spent almost 3 hours exploring the beauty of the fort. We had a good time admiring the palace and little bit sneak peek of the guides who were explaining (to the groups who hired them) the story of the Amer Palace and its history. So huge and marvelous it was, I wonder how the people used to spend their living in the palace. The fort area itself was like a city. 3 hours also were not enough to explore it completely. We burnt enough calories there in walking around. The Royal's indeed had a glory of time living there I believe.
Sreedevi Jeevan
Plan your visit to Amber fort in the evening so that you don't get burnt in the sun. Ideally I would suggest not to opt for elephant ride up the hill, instead walk and enjoy the hike. Why harm the poor animals and also you can save a 1000 bucks. Inside the fort you will get guides who will charge you a 100 or 150 Rs which is worth it. My guide took me around and explained the various parts of the interiors and their historical importance. Many Bollywood films like Jodha Akbar and Bajirao Mastani has been shot in this fort. There is a temple of Kuldevata (household deity) inside the fort where the Royal family continues to pay visit. It was almost 6.30/7 pm when I finished seeing the fort. Suddenly the lights lit up and the whole place looked so amazing in the orange glow. This is another advantage if you visit the fort in the evening. I met the auto wala and proceeded towards the Bapu bazar (market) planning to do some shopping. However the shopping didn't happen as it was a Sunday, holiday for all local markets.
The most famous of Jaipur’s heritage is perhaps the Amer fort. Its sandstone walls overlooking the lake stand tall and proud. The inside of the fort is as breath-taking as the outside, and the sheesh mahal and the well preserved abode of the royal family is enough to transport one back in time.
Sreshti Verma
From 1:30pm till 5:15pm, you will have enough time to visit the grand Amber Fort via Nahargarh Fort (directions here). Nahargarh Fort even has a cafe on its terrace; have a couple of drinks here as you enjoy the panoramic view of Jaipur city and then move forward for a quick visit of the Amber Fort.
Rohith Girish
Day 7, 8 am - We drove to Amer Fort, one of the 3 Forts that are built on the hills surrounding Jaipur. The road leading to this Fort is not SUV-friendly, so you may want to park it in one of the parking lots at the foot of the hill and hire a ride to take you to the gate of the Fort. This is yet another expansive Fort, so make sure that you take the A/V guide only if you have the time! As we had a packed itinerary, we picked a local guide ... even though he could have had an easy way out (owing to our time-constraint), he insisted that we spend at least 2 hours touring this place!
Start your Rajasthan itinerary with one of Rajasthan tourism's finest experiences. Gaze at the splendid Amer Fort from a Hot Air Balloon.Read 'How Jaipur Stole My Heart' by Abhigya
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The Aravali hills, the oldest mountain range across the world were a natural cover for the royal household, residing in the beautiful hill fort of Amber, with its beautiful courtyards, palaces and gardens. The elegant glitter of one such "Sheesh Mahal", translated as the "Palace of Mirrors", never goes unnoticed. However the more intriguing part of the Amber palace complex is the layout of its gardens, in the form of "Chahar Bagh", an imitation of the Paradise Garden as described in the Holy Qur'an. Whether the Mughals borrowing the "Purdah" system from their Rajput contemporaries into their harem, or the Rajput kings replicating the Mughal "Gardens of Paradise", these monuments go a long way to depict the fusion of two distinct cultures that often began with matrimonial alliances and birth the "Hindustani" identity of the Mughal era, encompassing the North of Indian Sub-Continent.
Abhishek Sohu
The Rajputs with their hill forts were a formidable force, but the architecture is a witness to more than just the might of the warrior clans and the customs reflect more than just the pride of the men or obscurity of the women. Amidst the vast expanse of deserts where the ever changing horizon attributed to the dunes of sand that dance like a snake on the sound of a snake charmers flute, it is a tale of perseverance to sustain in the dry. An often ignored aspect is the keenness with which the people on a whole were involved in preserving the drops of heaven that sprinkled their fields, cultivating their own gardens of heaven. And thus a multitude of water preserving structures ranging from dams, ponds, step wells, embed as jewels, not only the royal city structures but the entire state of Rajasthan.
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Places to visit: 1) Amer Fort: It is the most beautiful part of the city. Located on the outskirts, it is around 11km from the main city. It has a blend of the Rajput and the Mughal architecture. There is the Shila Mata Temple of the patron Goddess of the royal family, inside the fort. The best time to visit this place is in the evening. After sunset, there is an amazing light show inside of the fort.
Rahul Maharishi
A place where you can see Rich Heritage Culture of Jaipur , Royal Heritage Palace , Elephant riding and Architecture is the main attraction of this place
Manju Sihag
Coming back from nahargarh fort, this was my next stop. Now, i have seen enough palaces. I have been to jaisalmer, udaipur, agra & i have not heard enough about this palace. The only palace comes to your mind when you think of jaipur is Hawa Mahal. So i was expecting it to be a small stop, but how i was wrong. It was magnificent. Not having done too much research sometimes do wonders. And if you are visiting jaipur, do not miss it. Palace is surrounded by fort having wall running for 12km, but king(Jai Singh II i believe, google it up) did not fight any war and surrendered.
Bikashjyoti Pathak
Exquisite, enthralling, captivating.
Maria Shumusti
The Amer Fort, situated in Amber, 11 kilometers from Jaipur, is one of the most famous forts of Rajasthan. Amer, originally, was the capital of the state before Jaipur. It is an old fort, built in 1592 by Raja Man Singh. This fort is also very popularly known as the Amer Palace.
The most ornate palace I have seen in Jaipur, it is inside the Amber Fort.