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Chokhi Dhani

Aarush Tandon
If you are tired from your adventures and looking for a good traditional meal, Chokhi Dhani is the place to be. The place along with the meal takes you to a ride of Rajasthan; world class traditional art coupled with everlasting dance forms could be seen.
Rinki Popli
The later part of day-1 was meant for Chokhi Dhani, a village created for leisure that gives you an authentic Rajasthani experience. People welcomed us with folded hands in a traditional way. From dresses to food, and from language to dance, everything was Rajasthani. One can enjoy camel ride, elephant ride, horse ride, puppet show, music show, folk dance, try traditional costumes and click photos, and buy handicrafts. The buffet was deliciously awesome and heavy. One thing that needs a special mention is halwa or sweetmeat which was one of the best things in that giant thali.
Akshata Rao
Rajasthan has done a great job of showcasing its heritage via its arts and crafts. Every main city on the tourist map has a place where one can experience local performing arts, buy handmade products by the state's residents and also sample the great Rajasthani cuisine. In Jaipur, we headed to Chokhi Dhani on our last evening here, to party in the way locals do! The few hours we spent there were full of folk treasures, excellent food and great bargains. Here is a photo journey.
Karishma Mayur
2)Chokhi Dhani: This is a traditional Rajasthani village themed restaurant. Expert performs showcase Rajasthani dances, magic shows, fire stunts and more. There are many games and Rajasthani thali restaurant. Although this place is very famous, the performers looked very tired and a lot of food is wasted in the thali restaurant. I didn't leave this place with a good feeling and it doesn't really fit into my traveling ethic.
Ashish Mishra
Place is located at 35 Km from Sindhi camp area and its a 45 mins drive. Must go place if you want to have real taste of Rajasthan. The buffet will cost you Rs 700 per person for Rajasthani Dishes and Rs 1100 for Multicusine.. All the food is vegetarian and finger lickingPlace serves food by 11 PM but its suggested that you go early as apart from dinner the place offers you glimpses of Rajasthani Culture as well.Folk dance, music, mind blowing talents, short camel safari, boating in artificial lake, more local dishes. It was like a mini fair.We spend around 2 hours at the place which we felt was not quite enough.Place also has a section where one can get an overview of house architecture in major states of India.
When in Jaipur, do visit Chowki Dhani! For authentic Rajasthani Cuisine, Chowki Dhani eat out joints would be the best one's. This one would also take care of the shopaholic in you!The trip would definitely leave you asking for more owing to that travelers streak in you!
Another interesting place to spend an eveningis Chokhi Dhani resort on the outskirts of Jaipur. The resort is built on the lines of a Rajasthani village, and is an introduction to Rajasthani culture. The food served is unlimited Rajasthani thali and it is amazing for someone who loves the flavours of this region. As of Dec 2016, the entry ticket was Rs. 800 per head. This includes a welcome drink, unlimited Rajasthani Thali and some other freebies.Jaipur has given me memories of a lifetime, and every time I go there, I feel like a I have known a different facet of this city
Shubhi Agarwal
Aparna Acharya
evening dinner at the rustic resort in Jaipur.
Chhavi Vaibhav Sharma
The best place to visit in jaipur. The place where you can have the feel of Rajasthani culture, art and craft, folk dance and obviously the food. The haldighati, games, magical show, other shows, folk dance, camel ,elephant ride, bajra ke roti , and the traditional food of Rajasthan. A place not to be missed if you are in Jaipur. Although its ticket is on higher side but its worth :)
Tanya Jain
Chokhi Dhani is a very integral spot in terms of promoting tourism in Jaipur. It is a set up which offers a traditional glimpse about Rajasthan. One can not only gain a lot of experience within few hours but also purchase a lot of items. From Ghoomar dance to Camel Rides, Puppet shows and Bioscopic Movie setup - one gets to live few moments in a setting of rural Rajasthan. The traditional arrangement of Hut is where the dinner is served on leaf palates. An entire Rajasthani Platter is a task to finish but is a must try. This place is an wholesome experience in itself.
Shipra Dubey
I am a frequent visitor to Jaipur and the credit goes to this place. This place is so much full of vibrant and life that you just cant get enough. Entering the place you see small troupe performing welcoming you in a traditional way. Then you have lot of Rajasthani cuisine. People singing the folk songs performing various type of stunts, magician sweeping you off your feet and the handicraft to win your heart.
Chasing Sunsets
Extremely touristy and can be avoided. Too loud and crowded
bhawya ahuja
The place just bursts with energy. You get authentic Rajasthani food coupled with fun and games
Grab an enormous and never ending thali with an experience at Chokhi Dhani for dinner
Smiti Maini
We reached Choki Dhani in the evening and were welcomed gracefully. This was a tented accommodation in a make-shift village environment. It was a huge tent equipped with a heater, television and a bathroom. After getting decked up with our thick furry jackets we headed out to explore our village. Everything was very beautiful and was well thought of. There were street dancers, musicians, magicians, astrologers, puppeteers, mehndi artists, jugglers, snake charmers and what not. We enjoyed dancing with the locals. This one was similar to the Jaipur Choki Dhani which I had visited a few years back but maybe a bit more 'desert-ish' and 'village-ish'. After a stroll through the entire village, we went for dinner. Dinner is served in Thali style on the floor. We really enjoyed the yummy food as well as their prompt and wonderful service. After our Rajasthani Thali meal we went to sleep in our tents. The next morning we woke up and lazed around our tent and our village for a while. We had breakfast at the dining hall and started our day.
Edwina D'souza
Although over hyped, Chokhi Dhani still remains on the must visit list because of its extreme popularity. The entry ticket with a Royal Thali is Rs. 650 (approx). Post dinner, head back to your hotel for some sleep.
Leeza Abraham
You want to eat? Dance till you drop? See the old woman making roti in the fire? See the pegions magically appear out of nowhere? Ride a nasty camel? Its all right here at Choki Dhani! If you miss it, grumbling about it the rest of your life guaranteed.