Galta Ji 1/9 by Tripoto

Galta Ji

Aarush Tandon
I entered the place and heard him say that there weren't that any temples the last time he visited, just the one at the top.We made our way towards the spot for which we came for in the first place.
Aarush Tandon
The main attraction of the place is "Gau-Mukh" from where a small stream of water gushes out; Mystery- Source unknown. Majestically, the water source has never run dry
Rupa Majumder Datta
Tried other places too like- City palace, Galtaji, Meera temple which is known as Jagat Shiromani temple, Albert hall, Jantarmantar, Hawamahal, Govind Ji temple.
Nancy Nance
Galta is built within a mountain pass in Aravali Hills and is 10km away from Jaipur. Winter is the best time to visit this place as the weather remains pleasant. One of the famous site to visit is Galtaji Temple whose splendid architecture will leave you amazed.