Sanghi Ji Sanganer Jain Temple

Siddhant Jain
Now was the time for some Rajasthani delicacies. We had Rajasthani Thali. I liked it. She didn't. Probably because she was not used to their food. I had eaten Rajasthani food many times. Next stop, Sanganer Digambar Jain Temple. We decided to take the Metro. In Sanganer, the area of a few blocks close to the temple was prohibited for vehicular entry. The entire area was decorated. Though, it was very crowded and the queue went up to a few kilometres at times, the arrangements made for the ease of devotees were impressive. Tents were put up, to save the devotees from the scorching heat of desert dominated Rajasthan. Drinking water was being served after every few hundred metres.There was a separate queue for ladies and gents. The both of us got separated. We had agreed to meet at a pre decided place after we were done viewing the idols. After about an hour in the queue, I was close to the place where idols were placed for public viewing. But, it was time for the idols to be shifted from the tent to inside the temple premises. After sunset, the idols were to be shifted inside the temple. So, by the time I reached closer to the dais, the idols were taken away into the temple. I couldn't view them. It was announced that now idols will be available for viewing after an hour inside temple premises. I went back to the place where we decided to meet and told her this. She convinced me to rejoin the queue and wait for another hour, so that I could view the idols properly. She understood the significance and she didn't want me to miss the opportunity. She assured we had enough time for me to rejoin the queue and come back in time for our return journey to Delhi. I also was not satisfied to have come this far and not be able to view the idols properly. I had only viewed them from far before they were taken inside the temple.I joined the queue. After about an hour and a half I made it inside the temple, viewed the idols and made it back well in time. All this while, she was outside, window shopping at the market. It was about 11 at night, when we got back to the bus stand. Had our dinner, and waited for our bus. It was an hour late. Waiting at the bus top, we decided to pass our time by playing some word games. The time flew and the bus finally came at 1 am and we reached Delhi early next morning.Within less than 24 hours, we crossed travelled through three states (Delhi - Haryana - Rajasthan) to reach Jaipur, visited the City Palace, witnessed an important religious event, came back to Delhi. It was the shortest and the most sudden planned trip ever.Date of visit : June 24, 2017.