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Lalitha Mahaadevan
Zanskar, famous for Buddhist monasteries and breathtakingly beautiful trekking trails, is also just an 8-hour journey from Kargil. Trek the mighty Himalayan ranges The entire landscape of Ladakh is filled with gorgeous mountains that offer mesmerising views. While treks like Stok Kangri, Markha Valley and Chadar are quite popular, the Nun (7,135 m) and Kun (7,077 m) mountains are more popular amongst mountaineers as they are also quite challenging to ascend. The starting point of the trek is from Tongul about 75 kms from Kargil. Unlike the other popular treks, the Nun and Kun are still relatively unexplored and promise plenty of wildlife encounters. Though I couldn't trek these mountains, the rawness of these mountains keep calling to me every time I think of Kargil.