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Pravesh Yadav
DAY 10- WHISKEY NALLAH TO DEBRINGMy favorite day! I cycled on the more plains which was such a joy. The ride till pang was was bad because of the condition of the road but after that it was relief to eyes ,leg sand soul. The only thing I did not like was the cold. It was freezing. I will not do justice to the beauty of more plains by describing them in words so it is better to see the pictures yourself.
Tejpal Choudhary
TSOKAR -- DEBRING Nowadays, we'll ride through the huge pasture lands of this Plainsto reach Debring 4800 mts/15744 feet on the primary Manali - Leh highway. The Longer plains is also the summer residence of the Changpa shepherds whom you're able to see using their big herds of goats and sheep within this plateau living from the dark yak skin tents. Debring lies under the Tanglang la. We'll camp for a night live.
Akriti Shukla
Pang to Debring 15862 ft via More Plains, 52 km- With a mere 5 km climb followed by about 40 km of plains, the ride this day was supposed to be a cakewalk. But Mother Nature had other plans for us. The climb was over soon enough and with a new thrill, we started riding on the More Plains. The day was exceptionally thrilling to me because I also live on a plateau and it was similar to riding back home. We had been told that we might encounter blue sheep, yak, and a variety of other wildlife. We were not so lucky but we did come across a herd of normal sheep which had been marked with blue colour by its owner. It was like an apologetic consolation for not having shown us the real thing! The day was bright with the Sun weaving in and out of clouds. Halfway through, the weather decided that we had had enough of our thrill ride and it was time to increase the difficulty. There had been head winds the entire stretch of the plains, but now we saw the winds bringing a storm with them. The support vehicle had gone ahead and the plains were a bit too plain, providing no scope of shelter. As we were deciding what to do, (some advocating taking shelter under a culvert while the other, more adventurous lot, advocating to meet the storm head on), the hailstorm started. Fortunately, seeing the worsening weather conditions ahead, our support vehicle came back and we all huddled inside it, waiting for the storm to pass. We took the opportunity to eat lunch. It must have been a hilarious sight- a group of cyclists munching away as if they were in a hotel and not in the middle of a storm. The storm passed and we reached Debring where we were staying at a Dhaba for the night. The dhaba owner had a small child who seemed more comfortable with the cold than any of us full fledged, fully kitted adults were. One has to adapt according to the surroundings, after all.
Ayush Dinker
Day 7:The landscape was now changing every few kilo meters. Different coloured water streams were meeting each other and creating a stream of a third kind. After Pang, the highway finally turned to two lanes. Our campsite Debring, was like another third world country. We joked that we have reached Afghanistan.
Nishant Sabharwal
Pang - Moore Plains - Debring (41kms, 5-6hrs)This day was probably the best one I had. After climbing a hill from Pang (5kms uphill), you will be in MoorePlains. You will find yourself riding and conquering the plains of Himalayas with exhilarating 3Hrs of biking experience.