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Ritu Saini
Aasish Sudarsanan
Hanle is a village in the borders of china, This is one place that you should add. Is the home for Indian Astronomical observatory.
Nitish Thakur
Life, Uh, Finds a Way : Doctor Ian Malcolm.One of my favorite quotes from my favorite childhood movie, Jurassic Park. The Universe has been silent for quite a while; I am sure we will find an answer to the silence of Fermi paradox soon.
5. Dechen Namgyal Monastery, Jammu & Kashmir – A fortified place of spiritualismA 17th century Buddhist monastery or gonpa, this magnanimous fortified structure was built along the Ladakh trade route by Ladakhi King Sengge Namgyal with assistance from Tibetan priest Stag-Tsang-Ras-Pa. Because it's so difficult to reach, the much needed restoration work has suffered over the years. The ten monks who pray there, do what they can to keep it standing with help from the locals in Hanle village.