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Tejpal Choudhary
KARZOK -- TSOKAR Following an early breakfastwe will go towards another stunning lake which is located in 4485 mts/14711 feet, the Tsokaror saltwater lake. We'll return to the little village of Puga at which we turn west to cross the Pologongka la in 4940 mts/16203 feet emerging to a huge plateau of stunted shrubs and grass. This huge plain sustains an wonderful number of wild life such as the Kyang (Tibetan Wild Ass), the Woolly Hare, Tibetan Wolf, Red Fox, colonies of Marmots and Pica along with the seldom seen black Snow leopard. The vegetation includes several resident species such as the Himalayan Snow Cock, both Common and Fork Tailed Swift, Sand and Eurasian Crag Martin and a host of other people. Another quite visible birds would be the massive lammergeyer and also the Himalayan Griffon circling from the gaseous currents high above.
Tejpal Choudhary
KARZOK The afternoon is free to rest and unwind at the lake. Here, we'll have to stroll around the gorgeous lake, and that is about 24 kilometers long lake located at an elevation of 4242 mts/13786 noodle in this year, we'll see thousands of migratory birds left around the lake that include geese, duck while round the lake you're able to see the tiger species of white-winged redstart, robin accentor, Asian martin, white-throated dipper and finches. An overnight stay at the camp.
Tejpal Choudhary
SUMDO -- KARZOK From the morning after breakfast, we'll depart to the village of Karzok in the northern end of this magnificent Tsomoriri Lake. Even the 43 kms ride extends through enormous tree land surrounded by rolling mountains which get brilliant colors and colors which range from deep purple to red and desert brown using the traverse of sunlight. We'll also pass a little turquoise river in the Tazang Tso. From here, we'll be flying through tree land populated by colonies of Marmots (Phya at Ladakhi) and afterwards, hit the village of Karzok located in a height of approximately 4572m / 14,996 feet in the northern lakeshore. We'll place our camp close to the village around the beaches of the interesting lake for a relaxing overnight stay in the camp.
Day 11: Tso Moriri – Karzok (8 hours)Walk along the lake right up to the Karzok village. At times, you might feel that the day is never ending, because it takes around 8 hours to finally reach the campsite. But the walk is worth it with all the flora and fauna that one gets to see.
Devansh Kamboj
Tsomoriri was a small city with a beautiful small lake, we just use to sit on the shore and see the amazing beauty of nature . In all together it was a lifetime experience which one should definitely take. After karzok we started to come back towards delhi , the surprising part was that when we were going towards leh all the mountains were covered with sand but while coming back all were covered with plants and some with even flowers.Well we truly can never understand mother Earth but can take measures to preserve it.Please find some photos below. For more pics follow me on instagram- https://www.instagram.com/devanshkamboj/