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Naranagh Temple

Varun Suchday
The prime ride to paradiseIf the road from Srinagar to Kangan is prime countryside then Kangan to Naranag is prime paradise. The farms wear a virgin green and gracious gold goat. The air gets cooler as the chickens hurriedly run on the road scared by the sound of the car. Children stand on the side of the road waving and smiling an innocent smile. Those who are not standing by the roadside hang on to the side of their moms. The trees emanate aroma of primeval nature. Mules carry chopped wood with their shawl-wrapped master guiding them along.
As we packed our tents and got ready everyone were drowned in their own thoughts. Few were anxious to reach the base camp and many more were saddened that the trek had come to an end. With mixed feelings we started our final leg of the trek. I bid one final goodbye to Mt. Harmukh which stood head high in all magnificence.The trail started with a small ascent and then it opened into meadows where we started to bump into people.The feeling of trek had passed and it was more like a walk through the forest. How mistaken I was to think this way! Post lunch the actual challenge began.The initial descent was steep and full of rocks with slippery sand. Many had their first, second and innumerable falls here.The trail got steeper as the time progressed and the knees were abused to glory. One was forced to descend without stopping as legs had started to shiver in agony. After four hours of descent we reached Naranag. It took a couple of minutes to adjust to the voices around and realize we were back into the civilization. An aura of accomplishment filled the room and everyone burst into loud cheers!!!