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Confluence: After finishing a brief lunch in the hotel we started for the Confluence of the Indus and the Zanskar river near Nimmoo village it was the most scenic journey of the entire trip. It was around 35 km from Leh on National Highway 4. A one and a half hour journey through barren mountains and extremely rocky terrain along the Indus River took us to the point of Confluence. The confluence can be viewed from the road while driving towards it. The Grey blue River coming from the western direction is the Indus whereas the green blue one is the Zanskar flowing from the Zanskar range.As the sun was leaning towards the western horizon the brightness of the day was fading away. The deep blue sky now was slowly turning into grey and was forming a beautiful background for the surreal beauty. The black barren hills standing like mighty giants where seeming to guard the heavenly place from the rest of the world. We were not ready to come back yet. To our great pleasure our driver agreed to take us further down the beautiful landscape towards the chilling village. Chilling is a pristine village with hardly 30 inhabitants. The valley is also part of the Hemis National Park. From here the famous Chadar trek starts over the frozen Zanskar river. In fact it is the only possible route for the people of the Zanskar to connect to the rest of the world. Chilling is 21 km from the point of confluence. Though the condition of the road was very bad at some points the experience is worth taking. We felt ourselves to be lucky fortaking the decision of going till Chilling as the scenic beauty along the road was something we never had experience. The greenish blue Zanskar River flowing through the deep gorges flanked by the black and brown hills offers a breath taking view all along the way. There is also a bus which plies between Leh and Chilling on every Wednesday and Sunday. By car it took us almost 2 hours to reach.We stopped at a quiet place hidden by lofty peaks. The river here is meandering through the hills and hiding behind huge rock faces. An icy cold wind was blowing, and without gloves our hands were almost becoming numb. It was below freezing. We walked a little and took a few snaps of the river and the surroundings. We had some hot tea in a thermos in the car which gave great relief. The unearthly color of the Zanskar River, the approaching twilight and the desolate serenity of the land took us away from the world.Our driver informed us that a motorable road connecting Zanskar to Leh is being built. Eventually the ancient land which lies hidden behind the lofty peaks will lose its annual ritual of travelling on the frozen river and tradition will succumb to convenience of modernization.It was only 4:30 in the evening but the surrounding was getting very dark.The condition of the road was terrible and it was too risky to drive in dark. It was time to leave Chilling and head back to Leh via Nimmoo. On our way back we couldn’t miss a single glimpse of the celestial beauty of the place. Gradually an all-enveloping darkness engulfed everything.It was a long day and we needed to rest enough before starting on another day- long trip to the famous Pangong Tso.
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5. Visit Nimmoo – a beautiful valley that marks the confluence of Indus and Zanskar River!Sangam, the point of confluence of these two rivers, is located in a traditional village in Ladakh called Nimmu that has about 200 families. Spend a beautiful evening at the confluence point nestled between mountains and be mesmerised as you soak in the vastness of the Ladakh region from this point!
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River rafting in the Zanskaar river, near the Zanskaar-Indus sangam is a once in a lifetime experience. It offers you ethereal views from the raft, but only if you don't fall in the gushing river :p. Sorry folks, cameras cannot be carried in the raft. So this is all I've got. The rafting point is just 45 minutes away from Leh. After rafting we returned to the town for the night.
Arnav Deshpande
After having a day full of visiting monasteries, we were off to a Gurudwara. We did though come across the Basgo Castle just before Nimmu. Nimmu is known for the confluence of the Indus and Zanskar, two major rivers that drain the dry arid lands of Ladakh and Zanskar.
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Our first stop was the Magnetic Hill famous as Gravity defying hill. It is believed that objects and cars when placed on one particular spot on the road roll uphill in defiance of gravity even when the engine of the car is not running. We enjoyed clicking some road photographs here; though we didn’t really experience the car going up on inclined road as claimed. The next stop was Sangam in Nimmoo village. Sangam offered us a breathtaking view of the confluence of two rivers - The Indus River and the Zanskar River.