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Vikram Mn
But finally we saw a number of huts and one room which we selected so that we would be shielded better against cold and also because that room had the CTC gang. Our room was a five bedded dormitory for rupees three hundred per head. It had vegetables, chips, rations and what not. What's worse was it had a common toilet. But we were too cold to feel anything or think about anything. The temperature was around 10 degree. I slept keeping our mouth shut. Other guys were laughing with Arun commenting about his dysentery and cold. I got to know the story only the next day.Day 13 - One Last Ride Bharath and Arun were ambitious to get to Manali that day. Parthi wanted to get rid of the mountains so he too wanted to reach Manali by end of day but not even one percent of me was confident of reaching Manali by the end of day. Having heard from others about the road status and the distance of 300 Kilometres including Rohtang Pass, I was not having even a bit of doubt of not reaching Manali by end of day.I said if we reach Keylong by 3PM we'll think about it. I was confident that we wouldn't even reach Keylong by that time. We woke up at 6'o clock rather than the regular 5'o clock routine. Mani told about the happening last night where Bharath seemed to have told Arun, "Mooditu iraen da" for which Arun seemed to have replied, "Naan mooda thanae da try panraen, mooda matenguthae," citing his dysentery. Poor fellow. He had to bear with it for more than a week. He had been drinking only juice for all these days and he's known to be a guy who eats heavily in his circle of friends.
Sindhura B R
6th day Journey was from Sarchu to Pang (48 km). On this day we come across Gata loops. Name itself emphasizing the difficulty level. Gata loops is completely uphill with 21 loops with hairpin bends (Elevation 500 m). The climate was blistering. Most of the loops I manages to cross by dragging the cycle rather pedaling  but after reaching the End of Gata Loops. It was a pompous movement. Feeling great!
Ramneek Sahib
Day 5Pang - Leh (160 kms)After the strenuous journey of last four days, it was the time to hit the beautiful Moore plains (straight stretch of 35kms). This is at an altitude of more than 16000 ft and gives you the freedom to ride your bike at a speed of 80 - 100 kms.
1100 hrs: Lunch break at Pang ( INR 600 for 6 approx).
Maria Habib
After an hour or so we moved ahead and reached Pang around noon. Sighting a tea stall, and not celebrating “my hubby’s recovery”, was out of question. And so there was another round of the lifesaving Lemon tea………