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Shruthi Rao
This was quite a hectic day for us as we had to cover the maximum distance so that we clear all the passes without being stranded anywhere in between. It was a total of 280km which would need a minimum nine hours of drive and including breaks it took us almost 12 hours. Be ready for streams from here on which will wet your shoes and even a part of your clothing if the waters are shallow. Covering our feet with polybags didn’t help either. We reached Rumtse by around 9.30 as we started late too. I suggest if you are planning to follow this schedule start early; around 5.30-6 would be the best time so that you reach your destination before its dark.Day-3
Next day we rode directly towards Rumtse instead of Sarchu which was suppose to be our next halt ,as we were already delayed on the scheduled.Ride through the districts of Spiti and Lahaul via Sarchu, where you can take a break .As it has several tea houses along the way and bike groups do prefer to take night halt as it also proffers tent accommodations. Rumtse is approximately a ride of 281.70 Km; it would take around 08h 21 min for you to reach . you will be crossing some of the highest passes in between " Bara-lacha la pass ( 16,040 ft) and is a high mountain pass in Zanskar range, Lachulung La is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 5.059m (16,598ft).It is located some 54 km (34 mi) from Sarchu and 24 km (15 mi) from Pang and last but not the least Tanglang La, elevation 5,328 meters (17,480 ft), is a high mountain pass, it is actually the 12th highest motorable pass ).Also Deepak tal and Suraj Tal or Suraj Tal Lake lies just below the Bara-lacha-la pass."One can take a break in Pang as well as it has several tea houses who makes nice Maggie . We didn't wasted more time this day and reached Rumtse early evening around 1900 hrs ,got a nice home-stay as the evening was too chilling .Had a nice dinner n got into warm n cozy bed
Akriti Shukla
Debring to Rumtse 14000 ft via Tanglang la 17582 ft, 46 km- This was the only pass that we could see from where we started. When we started, we could see that it was covered with the snow from the previous day. It was a 20 km climb and one of the most difficult- not because of the steepness, but because of the altitude and low amount of oxygen in the air. Again, we were all spread out, riding at our own paces, taking breaks whenever we felt exhausted. The support vehicle kept moving to and fro, ensuring that all of us were okay. We rode solemnly, aware that we were in the presence of something to be revered-the mountains. But fun and frolic was not entirely absent. As I looked around, I saw choughs (crow like black birds with yellow beaks) playing around and mountain rats running across the road every now and then. Life indeed is a force to reckon with. There were no loops today that are characteristic of the mountains. Instead, there were bends, and it was impossible to see what lay beyond the next bend. So it came as a surprise when, on rounding a bend, I saw the prayer flags that are characteristic of the passes. I had reached Tanglang La which, at the height of 17580 ft, was the highest pass that we had to cross. I was happy. It was a feeling of overwhelming happiness that I had never felt before. There is a temple at this pass. It is impossible to see what deity resides inside because it too is covered with prayer flags. But it did not matter. I got down on my knees and sent up a word of thanks. After clicking pictures with the board claiming that we were on the second highest pass in the world (the snow had entirely vanished), we began our journey down. The downhill and excellent roads ensured that we reached Rumtse in no time at all. Here in Rumtse we were staying at a home stay. After the days of camping, this did not seem anything less than a five star hotel.
Ayush Dinker
Day 8:It had been a week in the the middle of nowhere. Our final campsite was at Rumtse where the signs of vegetation finally started showing. The town was refreshing to the eyes because we were almost nearing Leh and we finally saw some proper houses. I took a bath after one week in a stream nearby.
Jagan Nadar
Day 13 August19, 2016 sarchu-RumtseGot up early in the morning and found two guys from the Ktm group were taking oxygen. I used to take diamox every morning and evening and never placed this problem. After having breakfast we all left around 10:30 am . Beautiful scenes were all around me. It was difficult to ride as there was a confusing whether to see this scenes or to concentrate on the ride. The landscape were mesmerizing those beauty has no words to describe. For these many days the photos which i was seeing on google were now visible in front of me. After some time we came across gata loops. Which is a 21 hairpin bend. After gata loops anirudhs machine broke down,the Ktm guys tried a lot to help. Then transferred some luggage to my machine and made ankita to sit on my machine. Somehow we managed to cover some kilometers after which his machine had some problem so we waited for some truck around 90 minutes found one and loaded the machine into it . Everyone except anirudh left for leh. As he was to get down at pang and get his machine fixed as the truck was going till pang. By the time we could reach tanglang la world’s third highest motorable road the ktm giys had moved ahead and it was took dark with no soul around the scenic route started looking scary now and my machine was not able to cross 40kmph mark due to low oxygen at higher altitude. Just clicked the board which mentioned the tanglang la altitude. Temperaturewas freezing,after few hours of dark ride as it was still 80km for leh and it was 9pm by now found the ktm guys had stopped somewhere near rumtse and decided to stay there and ride in the morning.