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Day 7: 23rd June, 2017We wake up on the next day with sparkling energy, had shower and got ready for breakfast. After breakfast, we started our journey to Tso-moriri via Tsokar Lake. Tso-moriri is almost 220 Kms far from Pangong.We stopped car at few places in between to click the pictures and to experience the stunning beauty of nature. After driving for few Kms, we spotted an old lady from a very far distance on the deserted road, who’s dressed like a spirit. Luckily we were in car, as we crossed her we got to know that she is a lady and not a ghost.After that we spot Shahrukh Khan Movie ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ shooting point on the way to Tso-moriri. As I am a big Srk fan, we spent some good time there and clicked many pictures with the board. Then we started our journey towards Tso-Kar Lake.The Tso-Kar Lake also known as 'White Lake' is one of the three high altitude salt water lakes in Ladakh. The Tso-Kar Lake is known as 'White Lake' because the white salt of the water deposits all over the lake shores. Tso-kar Lake is located at an altitude of 4660m/15280ft in the Changthang region of South Eastern Ladakh. Tso-kar Lake is at a distance of around 50 kms from the Tso-moriri Lake.After that, we reached to our Hotel ‘Namkila Guest House’ in Tsomoriri, which was only few Kms far from Tso Moriri Lake. We rested for some time in our rooms, as everyone was exhausted from the Journey. After resting for some time, we all decided to go for a small walk till Tso-moriri Lake in the late evening. As one of my friend was not feeling well, so few opted to stay back in a room and the one who were not in rest mood including me went for their next adventure. So, I went to Tso Moriri Lake with 2 others.The lake is at an altitude of 4,522 m (14,836 ft). It is the largest of the high altitude lakes entirely within India and entirely within Ladakh. This is a very beautiful lake and it has its own beauty. There are camps situated near by this lake, it becomes very chilled and windy in the night. We spent some good time there and clicked few pictures.While coming back we forgot the way to our Hotel and it was another adventure of that day, as we only know how we came back to our hotel. One of the localite helped us, and the funny part was we were running away from him, as he was looking little crack.After reaching back to the hotel, we all laughed together about it. Then, after some time we had our buffet dinner and went to sleep in our rooms.
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Place : Tso Moriri or Lake Moriri or Mountain Lake - Changthang Plateau in Leh , Jammu and Kashmir , India.The lake is at an altitude of 4,522 m (14,836 ft). It is about 26 km north to south in length and 3 to 5 km wide. Captured - GoPro Hero 5 Black
4. The mighty reflection of the Himalayas on lakesMost beautiful sight at the Tso Moriri Lake. Click a pic & have your own wallpaper.Also, capture the reflection of the hills at Pangong Lake.
4. Tso Moriri LakeThis lake offers you such calm, serene moments to get to know each other. Tucked away from the crowd, this lake is home to many migratory birds. It surely adds on to the beauty of this place. Enjoy a lovely evening here together.Must Do: Visit the Korzok Monastery, explore the boiling-hot spring at Chumathang or enjoy a little wilderness on a wildlife excursion. You might spot a snow leopard!
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Day 9:- Leh to Tsomoriri (214 kms)The next morning we head started to Tsomoriri by 9:30 am and reached the destination by 5:00 pm. Tsomoriri lake is less visited by travelers as many of them still are not aware of its serene beauty. Tsomoriri lake is as similar as Pangong lake, but after 3 idiots the latter one grabbed more tourism. But tsomoriri is best place to camp along the lake side as this place is not yet commercialized.