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neha ballal
We started our final stretch riding through another high altitude pass where the lack of oxygen and us being tired due to lack of sleep made it hard for us to continue.The other bike went further ahead while we were cruising at a slower pace. As we crossed around 40 KM, we came past an amazingly rare straight stretch with well-maintained road our spirit rose.All was well when suddenly our tire started wobbling. It was here we stopped to find out 12 spokes were broken.We then somehow pushed the bike and walked for about a Kilometer when luckily we found a small village with 10 houses.A small shop owner told us we could stay there while waiting for vehicles which could give us a lift. After an hour of sitting by the road hoping for a vehicle to pass by we finally saw a minivan. The villager stopped the van, spoke to the driver, explained our problem and he finally agreed to haul our bike on the back and take us to Upshi, the next town 30 Km away with a mechanic.
Dayanand Wade
Day-6 Jispa-Pang: The Day started with taking clicks of the river flowing besides the Camp.we started the journey after enjoying the Breakfast and tea at camp in the chilled weather. soon we entered the rough terrain road, snowing sometimes. Weather was getting worst as we covered the distance. with the sunset we reached "Pang"the highest stay of our journey. we were lucky enough that we got a chance to visit the army camp at Pang and also we could make a call to our family members through satellite call.
Akriti Shukla
Brandy Nallah-Nakee La 15547 ft-Lachulung La 16616 ft- Pang 15100 ft, 56 km- This was perhaps the most difficult day with Gata Loops (a series of 21 hairpin bends covering a distance of 7 km), Nakee la, and Lachulung la, all in the same day. In the briefing that morning, we were told to brace ourselves for the challenge. After about 2 km of rolling terrain, I saw a board announcing the beginning of Gata Loops and claiming that we were at a height of 13780 ft. From there the 17 km climb- 7 km of Gata Loops and 10 km afterwards- to Nakee La began. The roads were blessedly paved and that made the climb easier. As you climb higher, the loops below are visible and they look deceptively flat. They are not very difficult but still when the board announcing the end of Gata Loops came into view, I was relieved and gave it a tight hug (sounds rather odd, I know). We reached Nakee la, gave the board a fleeting look and started our journey downwards because it was too cold to stay and click pictures. We had hot lunch at a dhaba at Whiskey Nallah and started the second climb to Lachulung la. It was a 7 km climb which was tiring only because it was the second one of the day. After Lachulung la, the road practically vanished and the 25 km climb down to Pang was a bumpy ride. This ride took us through valleys surrounded by towering, completely barren mountains. There was hardly any wildlife visible and any sound made by the passing trucks reverberated ominously. This ride seems intriguing and exciting to some and plain eerie to others. I, for one, felt a sense of thrill while riding in this seemingly mysterious stretch. We stayed at a Dhaba at Pang and the weather was friendly enough to enable us to sit outside before retiring for the night.
Tanuj Malhotra
Since we were able to reach Sarchu before dawn, we decided to head for Pang. We reached Pang at 2300 hrs. I can say it with utmost conviction that this day was the most tiring day of the whole trip. We had some dinner and slept like a log with a body which seemed almost paralyzed with exhaustion.To be continued...Which is your most adventurous trip?Tell me in the comments section below.For more offbeat travel itineraries, join me on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
After a terrible day, we left Sarchu the next morning and reached Pang. Pang is just beautiful, our luck changed from there. Some wonderful weather, lovely people. We Stayed at Lyon guest house in Pang.