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Gandikota Fort

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The next morning we picked up our bags and began looking for transportation to get us to Gandikota. Soon enough we found an auto rickshaw that was ready to drop us off for Rs. 200. The journey took us around 35 minutes. Finally, we had arrived to the destination that was on the list. We stopped for some breakfast outside the fort and then made our way towards the canyon. On the way we came across a mosque located next to a temple which reminded us of the secularism that existed back in the day.
Sonesh Bansal
Gandikota Fort was built in 13th Century AD. It is made of red sandstone comprises of wonderful architecture with internal carvings and a long wall guarding the fort.The fort of Gandikota acquired its name due to the 'gorge' (in Telugu it is called 'gandi' and 'Kota' means Fort). Gandikota area was first identified and made Sand fort in 1123 by Kapa Raja of nearby Bommanapalle village and a subordinate of Ahavamalla Someswara I, the Western Chalukyan king of Kalyana. Vemana. The Telugu poet, native of Kadapa district, believed to have lived in Gandikota area for a short period.The forts was annexed by Mughal invaders of Khilji Dynasty. Later, in 13336, the famous Vijayanagar kingdom of Hampi drove the Khilji Clan out and took over the region. The Gandikota was given to its commanders known as "Kamma Kings". Kamma Kings ruled for over 200 years and expanded the fort.
Siva Ilankumaran
Kamma Kings made a fort bordering the village has quite a few temples and mosques of different times.
Jagan Nadar
Day 24 Gandikota to VijaywadaGot up early for the first time in the whole ride and left for gandikota keeping my luggages at the hotel by 7.30am. The climate was cool with some fog. The place was 12km from the hotel. And it took hardly 20 minutes to reach. The whole 12km was awesome to ride and the scene was too good. Had to stop at several places to enjoy the view and click some photos. Reached gandikota but before entering the fort just took a right and some small off road led to the penna river. For the first time saw the canyon it was a stunning view. Yesterday during a break said to a person there i am going to gandikota and he didn’t knew the place. After seeing this place wonder how do people don’t know about such a beautiful place. Reached the end there was no one around and it was a complete silence. But the feel was different to sit in front of such a beautiful place with no disturbance. After some photos went to the entrance of the fort parked the bike there and as i planned to ride till vijaywada i have a very good friend kondala rao in vijaywada so planned to stay at his home. So i called him up to inform and he was happy that we were going to meet and he sent his location in whatsapp. Went inside the fort climbed on to the walls to get a view. Then saw vehicle coming inside the fort so i came to know we can bring the vehicle inside. So i brought my Himalayan inside. There is a small village after crossing this village through the fort entrance there are few structures inside. Also you will find a mosque,temple,granery,etc. After crossing all this you will have to climb a little but its not difficult. After i bet you will get the most beautiful view of the canyon and if you don’t see this then there is no point in coming here. Here there was few people around. You can spend a considerable amount of time here. Thought of having some tea and found i have kept the wallet at the room. Good i checked before buying something. Came back to the hotel and had breakfast and left for vijaywada. It was already dark before i reached vijaywada. Stopped at a big river front, the river was huge. And the bridge across the river had lighting work done on all its pillars. It was good to see it from the distance. The lighting on all the pillars was constantly changing. After following the location sent by kondala rao reached a place somewhere 2 streets away from the actual place. Tried to call him but his number was out of coverage. Tried several times. Even close by people came asking me who are you looking for. But the didn’t knew him as he had recently shifted there. After sometime luckily his call got connected and he came to the place where i was waiting. Unloaded all the luggage meanwhile he arranged everything for me to freshen up. And we left to explore vijaywada on his bike. We went to the hotel first and had a good chicken biryani. Then we went to the prakasam barrage the bridge which saw with lighting when i entered vijaywada. He told about the history and about the barrage which has the krishna river flowing underneath it. He also told about the events that take place around the krishna river. After which we rode through almost the whole city and he kept saying the important things about all the places that we passed through. It is always good to roam around with a local there. Finally decided to have a falooda. So we went to place which resembled khau gali of mumbai and it was behind some cricket stadium. Had a good falooda there. As we were roaming for the past 3 hrs we now went back to home for a good sleep.
vivek mehra
GandikotaOn reaching at Gandikota village we searched some locals for food, although there is a government resort outside the fort area, we opted for local food.