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Tatwani Hot Spring

Sahila Kalia
Tatwani spring had one only chamber opened to the public and men and women have separate timings to take a dip in the hot spring. It was a natural jacuzzi but slightly inconvenient. The spring is visited by many people on daily basis, so cleanliness might be hard to manage since it is unmanned. But it is certainly worth a one-time stop.
Sahila Kalia
Further, the afternoon journey took us to a trek and a river crossing adventure to the sacred hot water spring called Tatwani. It is a natural sulphur water spring believed to have nature's healing properties.This entire trek - river crossing - walking to Tatwani takes about 3-4 hours, where we drove for about 30 Kms from Raadballi and stopped at the hill top to complete the remaining expedition by foot.