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This is a small village very close to the ruined city of Hampi. This place is mainly known for its existence in the times of the Ramayana and also the pre- historic cave arts, the remains of which can still be found here. It is now a Heritage site and has remains of more than one Era. There are also the ruins of Vijayanagara Era temples and buoldings and also remains of the Ashokan Empire.
Anshul Akhoury
Anegundi is a much older settlement than Hampi. Its a small village in this area and you can easily spend half of your day here if you are interested in observing simple village life. While returning you can lunch at a local shop that will comprise of traditional South Indian breakfast.This post is originally published on Unorganised Chaos.
Poornima Dasharathi
Dated in history as a settlement much older than Hampi, this rock-strewn terrain is evident of its simple and serene past. If the legends were to be believed, then the sayings have it that this was the mythical kingdom of Kishkinda, a place fought for by the mighty monkey King Vali (or Bali), while in a jealous rage with his brother Sugreeva- a boastful tale in the great Indian texts of the epic Ramayana. Historically, it has been studied for some of the oldest cave drawings, dating back to even the megalithic era.