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Chunchi falls

Chunchi Falls lies on the route that stretches from Sangama to Mekadatu in the state of Karnataka. Chunchi Falls emerge on Arkavati River and is 50ft tall. Kanakapura is the nearest town to the falls. The word ‘Chunchi’ is derived from a tribal couple, Chuncha and Chunchi. Chunchi Falls are among the most famous tourist attractions in Karnataka. A huge number of tourists visit Chunchi Falls from Bangalore during the monsoon season. Bangalore International Airport is the closest airport to the falls. It takes around 3 hours to travel from Bangalore to Chunchi Falls by road. The lush green surroundings and good temperature make it a good picnic spot. Swimming is prohibited in the region due to the presence of crocodiles.
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Gunjan Upreti
Around 90 km from Bangalore, Chunchi Falls is in Kanakapura, Karnataka. It is famous for being the last spot before the river Arkavati’s confluence at Sangam. The sight of the water gushing down into a series of cascades will definitely leave you spellbound.You will have do a bit of rock climbing or crawling, to get to the falls. The best part about Chunchi Falls is that it’s not one of those crowded waterfalls in India. So, get rolling to explore this splendid place of natural beauty and adventure.